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Exploring the Great Outdoors (28 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 26 Jan 2013   / 8891 views
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These stunning photos capture the brilliance of nature as experienced by hikers and campers.


Exploring the Great Outdoors

Intimate Date Outdoors (5 pics)

Posted in Pictures 22 Mar 2010   / 22464 views
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Nowadays, even being far away from civilization, you can’t escape it.
Here is an example, a couple of lovers have decided to make love outdoors, but their plans were abruptly interrupted by insolent paparazzo with a camera ))

Intimate Date Outdoors (5 pics)

Are we obliged to do barbecue outdoors? (3 pics)

Posted in Pictures 19 Jun 2009   / 5168 views
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Either people are lazy or they wanted to experiment, but for me, it is the stupidest idea of the century!
Click to see where we can barbecue.

Are we obliged to do barbecue outdoors? (3 pics)