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Rex A Rest After Day Cares (VIDEO)

Posted by Barabadur in Blogs 28 Jun 2015   / 255 views

Rex A Rest After Day Cares

Rex A Rest After Day Cares

This Is the Worst Pet in the World (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 18 Jun 2015   / 4426 views

Movies like Finding Nemo and Babe inspired people to get fish and pigs as pets because they were just so cute. But don’t be fooled again because these creatures will make your life a living hell.



The Cutest Kissing and Talking Parakeet (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Cute 11 Jun 2015   / 1938 views


Now You Can Walk Your Pet Reptile (6 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Funny » LOL 2 Jun 2015   / 2460 views

Snake owners will be thankful to know that someone has invented a leash that allows snakes to be taken for a walk. No this is not a prank it’s the real deal!


Now You Can Walk Your Pet Reptile

The Girl with a Very Peculiar Pet (4 pics)

Posted in Random » WTF 13 May 2015   / 6469 views

Guy Feeding His Giant Pet Leech (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 17 Apr 2015   / 4379 views


The Real Life Story of the Princess and the Pig (19 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 20 Feb 2015   / 3362 views
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Pearl is a teacup pig who has a sweet friendship with Libby, a cute two year old girl. Libby’s mom captures the adorable twosome in these lovely photographs of them together.


The Real Life Story of the Princess and the Pig

Rottweiler Grooms Its Pet Kitty and It's Adorable (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Cute 8 Dec 2014   / 3220 views

Cat looks unsure about its feelings though...

5-Year-Old Girl Lets Pet Baby Cow Inside the House

Posted in Videos » Cute 1 Dec 2014   / 5430 views

Without mom knowing...


The Pet Pig Who Lives in the House with the Family (28 pics)

Posted in Animals 13 Oct 2014   / 8088 views
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Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins live in Toronto and adopted a “mini pig” when a friend offered the animal to them. The pig was not meant to weigh more than 70 lbs (32 kg) at full size, which is why the piglet was allowed to live in the house. However, Esther, didn’t stop growing as she was supposed to and now weighs a massive 530 lbs (240 kg).


The Pet Pig Who Lives in the House with the Family

Man Riding a Motorcycle Races His Pet Parrot

Posted in Videos » Awesome 22 Aug 2014   / 4903 views

How cool is that?!


Heroic Pet Cat Saves Little Boy from Vicious Dog Attack (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 15 May 2014   / 5999 views

Warning: a bit gore at the end (0:45)


Squirrel Hadoken

Posted in Videos » Awesome 11 Apr 2014   / 3355 views

Guy plays with his pet squirrel, hadoken style!



Some People Have Cats and Dogs, Some Have Pet Tigers (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Cute 4 Feb 2014   / 4754 views

I hope for them he doesn't play and chase like your average cat...


Guy Plays with His Pet Squirrel

Posted in Videos » Cute 22 Jan 2014   / 3631 views

And now you also seriously want a pet squirrel..


Poignant Portrait Pet Photography That Will Make You Cry (24 pics)

Posted in Arts » Photography 19 Nov 2013   / 5140 views

These photos are part of a series called “Joy Sessions” and show old and ill pets shortly before they died.


Poignant Portrait Pet Photography That Will Make You Cry

Sugar Glider Practices Indoor Flying

Posted in Videos » Cute 21 Oct 2013   / 3985 views

Be warned: you'll want to get one after watching this video.


Casual TV Moment with the Family Pet

Posted in Videos » Weird 10 Oct 2013   / 2432 views

Just a man watching TV while hugging his huge 14-year-old black-throated monitor lizard.


Pet Parrot Flies along Owner during Scooter Ride

Posted in Videos » Awesome 24 Jun 2013   / 3102 views

How cool is that?

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