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Drunk Car Driver Pushes Police Car Off the Road in Russia (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 22 May 2014   / 4980 views
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Cops are doing well and the driver was arrested.

Drunk Car Driver Pushes Police Car Off the Road in Russia

Quiet Dutch Square Goes Wild – Complete WTF Style

Posted in Videos » Awesome 25 Jan 2013   / 6456 views
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They made a sequel to the ‘push to add drama button’ video and it’s awesome again.


Push Down Boob Zombie

Posted by in Games » Puzzles & Skills 3 Sep 2012   / 1993 views
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Boob zombie is always bullying other zombies. Now she sleeps fast! Seize the chance and push her down!

Push Down Boob Zombie

Press the Panda

Posted by in Games » Misc 17 Nov 2011   / 939 views
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Click the panda as fast as possible to complete short skill-based levels! Featuring, all kinds of Pandas! AstroPandas, Ninja Pandas, Popping Pandas, Hungry Pandas, Racing Pandas, Panda Pandas, Cowboy Pandas, Vampire Pandas, Running Pandas, Jumping Pandas & more. So many pandas!

Press the Panda

Push Pin Art (28 pics)

Posted in Pictures 23 Dec 2010   / 16108 views
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This portrait was made with 9,600 push pins and took six months to accomplish. You don’t have to be an artist to make one for yourself, and it would make a great Christmas gift. You will need some time and a lot of push pins, however.


Push Pin Art