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Redneck Sons are the Worst (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 3 Jun 2015   / 3112 views


The Ultimate Redneck Fails Compilation

Posted in Videos » Fail 28 Jan 2015   / 6755 views


Redneck Couch Moving FTW (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 17 Oct 2014   / 5747 views

If it's stupid but it works, then it ain't stupid!


Girl Fight Ends Up with One of Them Shoveled in the Head (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 6 May 2014   / 10073 views

NSFW because of language, violence...


Redneck Ladder

Posted by Geezerish1 in Blogs 2 Oct 2013   / 845 views

We didn't have the proper equipment to change the bulb, so thinking like a good renecks (and feeling like MacGuyver) we got it done! 

Redneck Ladder

The Fastest Hot Dog Shooter Ever

Posted in Videos » Funny 28 Feb 2013   / 4780 views

Probably the only one though…


Welcome to the Redneck Way of Living (20 pics)

Posted in Sponsored 28 Apr 2012   / 15854 views

When it comes to reinvent ordinary things or decorations, rednecks can be quite creative.

Check out some of the “awesomest” examples of redneck engineering.


Welcome to the Redneck Way of Living (20 pics)


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Christmas, Redneck Style (33 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 22 Dec 2011   / 12078 views

Even rednecks celebrate Christmas, but they do it in a unique way. See how these mullet headed, Budweiser swilling and backcountry living men and women spread holiday cheer.


Christmas, Redneck Style

Classic Redneck Moves (86 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 31 Aug 2011   / 16594 views

There is no way you are going to be unclear as to whether or not these people are rednecks. See which photo makes you never want to visit certain parts of the U.S.


Classic Redneck Moves

Lawnmower On A Stick Or A Redneck Lawnmower (1 video)

Posted by kallango in Blogs 4 Aug 2010   / 1990 views

This guy is strong and funny ;)

Redneck World. Part 2 (46 pics)

Posted in Pictures 7 Jul 2009   / 8749 views

They live in simplicity and do not care about anything; the pictures are the proof to that.
You can see the first part HERE.

Redneck World. Part 2 (46 pics)

Redneck World (22 pics)

Posted in Pictures 3 Apr 2009   / 13966 views

Redneck World (22 pics)