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This Dude Has Got to Be Nuts! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 7 Jul 2015   / 3221 views

This Dude Has Got to Be Nuts!

Black Bear Attempts Climbing across Rope to Get Beaver Treat (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 10 Mar 2014   / 3972 views

Meanwhile, in Canada...


This Girl Has Unreal Rope Skipping Skills

Posted in Videos » Talent 31 Oct 2013   / 5633 views

This is Tori Boggs, she's a nine-time world rope-skipping champion, a two-time rope-skipped world record holder and captain of the U.S. National Jump Rope Team.


Tug of War Battle: Russian Navy vs US Navy

Posted in Videos » Awesome 12 Sep 2013   / 5493 views

Russia is on the left, America is on the right.


Best Dock Line Handler Ever

Posted in Videos » Talent 19 Aug 2013   / 6293 views


One Reason to Always Listen to Your Wife (5 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail 15 Feb 2013   / 11083 views

When this man decided to go out with his friends after his wife had said not to, he probably did not expect it to end like this.


One Reason to Always Listen to Your Wife

Crayon Shin Cut Rope

Posted by freegameswow in Blogs 20 Dec 2012   / 366 views

Santa has placed chrismas gifts in differe places. Help Crayon Shin to get them by cutting the rope!

Crayon Shin Cut Rope

A Cage above the Abyss (8 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Lifestyle » Travel 19 Sep 2012   / 8080 views

This pair of thick cables with a steel cage powered by a diesel engine is the only access to the outer world for the village of Yushan in China. There are only 200 people living in Yushan and before the ropeway was built they had to walk for several days to get to the nearest village. The ‘high road’ is 1000 m long and is 400 m above the valley floor. It was built in 1997 and since then it has been operated by one and the same person who maintains the engines and manually applies oil onto the cables along the way.


A Cage above the Abyss

Rope Jumping

Posted by in Games » Other Games 1 Jun 2012   / 610 views

Here is a competition of rope jumping in the kindergarten. The baby rabbit wants to be the winner, let's help him!

Rope Jumping

That’s What Alcohol Addiction Leads to (3 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 21 Feb 2012   / 9416 views

An outstanding scene was spotted by a man in Belorussian town Vitebsk.


That’s What Alcohol Addiction Leads to

Father teaches his daughter to swim (6 pics)

Posted in Pictures 25 Aug 2009   / 8278 views

The girl wanted to swim but she can’t, so her father decided to teach her how to swim.
And to be sure that his child is learning safely, he tied her with a rope in case if she’s going to drown he could pull her back.
Interesting methods I’d say.

Father teaches his daughter to swim (6 pics)

Little adventure of a bear (4 pics)

Posted in Pictures 11 Mar 2009   / 3058 views

A bear was very hungry and wanted to eat some honey.
The beehive was hanging on a rope very high.
Hungry animal came up with a brilliant idea.
Look the following of the post.

Little adventure of a bear (4 pics)