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How to Calm Down a Crazy, Screaming Woman (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 17 Dec 2014   / 5789 views

How to Calm Down a Crazy, Screaming Woman

When DMX Tries the Slingshot Ride... (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 31 Jul 2014   / 4358 views

DMX wiki link for those who don't know who he is.

NSFW language

When DMX Tries the Slingshot Ride...

Intense Footage from Inside a House Being Destroyed by a Tornado

Posted in Videos » WTF 22 Nov 2013   / 8311 views


Barbary Ram Screams like a Human and It's Creepy

Posted in Videos » WTF 21 Nov 2013   / 2421 views


Monkey Imitates Owner

Posted in Videos » Funny 5 Nov 2013   / 1940 views

Funny and creepy at the same time


Little Girl Didn't Stop Screaming, So Daddy Decided to Lighten the Mood

Posted in Videos » Funny 21 Oct 2013   / 4175 views

This had been going for around an hour so her dad started lip syncing her temper tantrum to lighten the mood of the rest of the family who was really fed up with her drama


WTF Is Wrong with This Arm Wrestling Girl?

Posted in Videos » WTF 15 May 2013   / 4969 views

Someone call an exorcist!


Funny Human Chair Scare Prank

Posted in Videos » Funny 9 Apr 2013   / 4343 views

The Ultimate ‘Goat Edition’ of Songs Compilation – Part 2

Posted in Videos » Funny 2 Mar 2013   / 6399 views

More songs getting the screaming goat/sheep treatment

Part 1



The Ultimate ‘Goat Edition’ of Songs Compilation

Posted in Videos » Funny 26 Feb 2013   / 7379 views
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The Harlem shake video meme has already been replaced by an even weirder one: popular songs getting the screaming goat/sheep treatment. It all started with Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ song and now there are plenty of these videos all over the web. This compilation gathers the best ones so far:



Hilarious Screaming Animals

Posted in Videos » Funny 16 Feb 2013   / 6031 views
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Mel B: the Always Screaming Scary Spice (47 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 28 Jan 2013   / 12989 views

Pics of Mel B from her days of fame in the 90s.


Mel B: the Always Screaming Scary Spice

Who Scared Who the Most?

Posted in Videos » Funny 4 Dec 2012   / 5146 views


Hot Girl at France’s Got Talent Does Something Totally… Unexpected

Posted in Videos » Talent 28 Nov 2012   / 18042 views
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The Screaming Sheep

Posted in Videos » Funny 10 Sep 2012   / 5512 views


Funny Dad Terrified by Attraction

Posted in Videos » Funny 26 Jun 2012   / 5570 views

What a great dad, does it twice for his little girl


When Honking and Screaming Don’t Work…

Posted in Videos » Wheels 19 Apr 2012   / 5163 views


There’s Something Hilarious about This Romanian Cop

Posted in Videos » Funny 18 Jan 2012   / 9818 views

When there’s no budget left for water cannons, you gotta do what you gotta do…


Hilarious Cats Screaming Yawns

Posted in Videos » Funny 19 Dec 2011   / 4158 views

I don’t know if that makes sense, but this is hilariously accurate.



Who is the Best Screamer? (18 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 Apr 2010   / 4321 views

The little ones enjoy screaming. This can be said both about children and kittens. Who screams the best in your opinion?


Who is the Best Screamer? (18 pics)

Bigmouths (15 pics)

Posted in Girls 9 Feb 2010   / 10255 views

Ever notice how some people just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut? It would appear that the girl in these photos has this problem. It doesn’t appear that she is saying anything in particular as in many cases there is no one else around. Maybe she is yelling or singing or just screaming, I don’t know but she sure can’t keep her mouth shut.

Bigmouths (15 pics)