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The Rock’s Touching Mother’s Day Story (2 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 12 May 2015   / 5504 views

The WWE Champion shared this sweet story about his own mother online and it will definitely warm your heart.


The Rock’s Touching Mother’s Day Story

This Carwash Employs Mostly Persons with Autism and It Works Very Well (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 25 Feb 2015   / 4183 views

This is the nice story of a dad who started a car wash to help his son find a purpose.


The Power of a Kind Gesture (6 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor 19 Feb 2015   / 6413 views

This story about a stranded lady will definitely warm your heart.


The Power of a Kind Gesture

The Chronological Story of Severus Snape, the True Hero of Harry Potter

Posted in Videos » Awesome 12 Feb 2015   / 3236 views

A fan of Harry Potter took lots of time to put Severus Snape's most important scenes and arcs in the Harry Potter film series in chronological order, from meeting Lily to his memory living on in a name...


Legally Blind Man Sees for the First Time after 20 Years (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Science 22 Jan 2015   / 4130 views

FYI: A person is considered to be legally blind if he or she has a best corrected vision of 20/200 in their best seeing eye, that means even with some visual correction.


Almost the Entire Town of Whittier, Alaska, Lives in the Same Building! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Weird 20 Jan 2015   / 5377 views

Now, that's quite unusual!


Kid's Priceless Reaction to a Scary Story (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 15 Dec 2014   / 4064 views


Inspirational: Girl with Multiple Sclerosis Becomes Long Distance Runner Champion (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 28 Nov 2014   / 3493 views

14-year-old Kayla Montgomery didn't let her disease stop her from becoming one of America's top long distance runners.


Guy Quit the NFL to Become a Farmer (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 22 Nov 2014   / 2847 views


The Real Story Behind Pittsburgh’s “Green Man” (6 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 21 Nov 2014   / 10182 views

The “Green Man” is a local legend in Pittsburgh but the true story is quite different than you’d expect.


The Real Story Behind Pittsburgh’s “Green Man”

Poor People Who Became Instant Millionaires (12 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting 30 Oct 2014   / 6771 views

These normal people all had great ideas that ended up making them lots of money.


Poor People Who Became Instant Millionaires

Pittsburgh Detective and Boxing Instructor Adopts Two Kids Abused by Foster Parents

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 21 Oct 2014   / 10680 views

Here goes the greatest story you'll see this month!


The Courageous Mom Who Made All Her Daughter’s Last Wishes Come True (11 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 16 Sep 2014   / 5464 views

Emma Whitfield’s daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Knowing that she only had a few months to live Emma made sure that she fulfilled her daughter’s bucket list before she died.

The Courageous Mom Who Made All Her Daughter’s Last Wishes Come True

'My Mom's Motorcycle' Is a Short Film You Should Definitely Watch

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 4 Jun 2014   / 3834 views

This clever short film by Douglas Gautaud tells the story of how his mother became the proud owner of a motorcycle

More deeply it's about how people use objects to connect with ideas, times, and people.


The Wonderful Side of Pro-Wrestling: Meet Connor The Crusher (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 7 May 2014   / 3178 views

You may not like the WWE but what they do for kids is incredible.


This Guy's Poem '21' Will Give You Chills (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 7 May 2014   / 3647 views

Poet and student Patrick Roche counts down from 21 years old, the year his father passed, while explaining his family's tragic history. 


Indian food - when you like to live dangerously

Posted by codrutz89 in Blogs 7 May 2014   / 207 views

A little funny story that I hope you'll enjoy.

Indian food - when you like to live dangerously

The Insane Story of the World's Luckiest Unlucky Man

Posted in Videos » Animation 2 May 2014   / 5551 views

This is the 'strange but true' animated story of the luckiest unlucky man to ever live: Frane Selak.


The Inspirational Story of a One-Legged, Skilled Soccer Player (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 18 Apr 2014   / 3271 views

See how a boy born with one leg progressed to become a talented soccer player playing with and against other people without disabilities.


You Can't Make a Story like This Up (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 28 Feb 2014   / 7478 views

How can they keep a straight face? It's not even March and we already have the craziest news story of the year.

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