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Guy Has a Surprise under His Hat

Posted in Videos » Funny 15 Apr 2015   / 6128 views


Surprise in a Blind Corner (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 12 Mar 2015   / 6325 views


Surprise Christmas Present from Dad (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 26 Dec 2014   / 3316 views

Dad wanted to give his teenage daughter Audra a very special surprise gift this year for Christmas as she’s been going through a lot recently.He worked with Saukville Police Department Chief Jeff Goetz and Officer Brandon Depies to have Officer Depies pull Audra over and tell her he was giving her two tickets. She never expected the tickets to be an airplane ticket to New York and a ticket to a Timeflies concert, her favorite band.



A Coke with a Surprise Twist (5 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 16 Dec 2014   / 7006 views

This person got a little more than they wanted when they bought this coke from a vending machine.


A Coke with a Surprise Twist

Scary Surprise Pops Out of the Fog

Posted in Videos » Wheels 10 Dec 2014   / 7477 views


Husband Surprises Wife for Their Anniversary

Posted in Videos » Cute 6 Dec 2014   / 5889 views


Kid Rock Surprises Fan with Down Syndrome for His 30th Birthday

Posted in Videos » Celebs 31 Oct 2014   / 3889 views

Dan McGurk is a huge fan of Kid Rock so he invited the star to his 30th birthday party and much to his surprise, Kid Rock came.


Armed Robbery with Twist Ending (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 2 Oct 2014   / 5922 views


Japanese Mountain Climbers Surprised by Volcano Eruption

Posted in Videos » WTF 29 Sep 2014   / 4816 views

That's some scary stuff.


Giant Whale Shark Sneaks Up on Diver

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 20 Sep 2014   / 3506 views


Cheating Boyfriend Got the Shock of His Life (5 pics)

Posted in Funny » LOL 19 Sep 2014   / 12935 views

Charlie Fisher went on holiday but when he returned, all three of his girlfriends were there to meet him, together! Maybe now he will learn his lesson!

Cheating Boyfriend  Got the Shock of His Life

WTF Russian Dashcam Surprise (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 11 Sep 2014   / 6568 views


Owner of Rusty Old Pontiac Makes a Fortune on eBay (20 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 9 Sep 2014   / 13286 views

The owner of this Pontiac LeMans Tempest Super Duty inherited the car and put it on eBay for $500 to get rid of it quickly. Shockingly it sold for $226,521!

Owner of Rusty Old Pontiac Makes a Fortune on eBay

You Won’t Believe What Was in This Suitcase (9 pics)

Posted in Animals 22 Aug 2014   / 10626 views

Sarah Mills found this suitcase on her porch and there were strange noises coming from it. When she opened it she got a big surprise.


You Won’t Believe What Was in This Suitcase

The Moving Reaction of a Grandpa Being Offered a Puppy

Posted in Videos » Awesome 9 Aug 2014   / 4061 views

After 63 years of marriage, his wife passed away. His family decided to offer him a puppy to he feels less lonely.

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