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Awesome People Doing Awesome Things (VIDEO)

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Awesome People Doing Awesome Things

Things to Remember

Posted by marx0edward in Blogs 25 Jun 2015   / 472 views

When we talk about natural disasters, we might immediately be thinking of typhoons, tsunamis, flood and other heart-breaking disasters that we dreaded. Among the countries in Asia, Indonesia seems to be on the top when it comes to experiencing these disasters.


Indonesia is a large country spanning across few time zones. Natural disasters common here are the earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Also, the separation between islands makes it harder for help to come immediately when needed. Despite all of these, Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours still continue to promote tourism in this country for obvious reasons. Local and foreign tourists continue to flock the country, ignoring the warning because of the majestic invitation of archipelago from the buzzing busy streets of Jakarta to heaven-like Bali.

Things That Will Make You Sad (33 pics)

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The Most Unlikely Things You Can Buy from a Vending Machine (21 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 9 Feb 2015   / 7056 views

Vending machines like these might be the future of the world we live in.


The Most Unlikely Things You Can Buy from a Vending Machine

Things You May Not Know about Famous Art (10 pics)

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Pulling Things from People's Hair Prank

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 19 Apr 2014   / 4391 views

Look, you've got something in your hair, let me help you...

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