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Awesome High-powered Homemade Coca-Cola Rockets (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Geek 7 Sep 2015   / 2642 views

This crazy dude from the Ukraine-based YouTube channel Kreosan shows us how to turn a coca-cola bottle into a rocket with a little propane lighter fluid.


Awesome High-powered Homemade Coca-Cola Rockets

A Lego Robot That Literally Plays Guitar (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Geek 1 Jun 2015   / 2440 views

Some clever person programmed a Lego bot to play the guitar and the result is awesome to witness.



A Lego First Person Shooter Video Game Would Be Awesome

Posted in Videos » Geek 28 May 2015   / 2184 views

This is what it looks like when you combine the world of Lego with popular video games.


What If Jar Jar Binks Had a Major Role in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Posted in Videos » Geek 12 May 2015   / 2464 views

Star Wars' most hated character is back to ruin every scene of Star Wars The Force Awakens.



Real Life 'Grand Theft Auto 2' (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Geek 4 May 2015   / 3359 views

Now that's a clever and good use of a drone.


Marvel vs DC - The Ultimate Battle (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Geek 21 Apr 2015   / 2180 views

Shitty costumes but awesome special effects and direction.
From the same guys behind these popular videos:

Harry Potter vs Star Wars

Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings

Most epic nerf war in history



Robot Fighting: 60lb Robot vs Two 30lb Robots

Posted in Videos » Geek 20 Apr 2015   / 5698 views


New Official Teaser Trailer for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Posted in Videos » Geek 17 Apr 2015   / 4191 views

A little longer that the first one.



Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

Posted in Videos » Geek 19 Mar 2015   / 4653 views

Fan made and way better than the movie!

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

First Official Trailer for 'Pixels'

Posted in Videos » Geek 18 Mar 2015   / 3193 views

Starring Peter Dinklage and Adam Sandler


RC Car Falls into Frozen Lake, RC Truck Come to the Rescue

Posted in Videos » Geek 26 Jan 2015   / 3823 views

It's like porn for RC car lovers!


Fallout vs Skyrim

Posted in Videos » Geek 21 Jan 2015   / 3017 views

This one if for the gamers, especially the fans of Bethesda games.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back in 'Terminator Genisys'

Posted in Videos » Geek 5 Dec 2014   / 4102 views

A first official trailer for Terminator Geniys was just released. Yep, Terminator gets another sequel.

Tell us what do you think of it?


The First Official Trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Posted in Videos » Geek 29 Nov 2014   / 5723 views

The real one this time


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