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Shaquille O'Neal Nails a “Free Throw” Putt During a Game of Golf (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 20 hr 45 min ago   / 1393 views

The retired NBA star sinks a 10+ foot putt by shooting his golf ball like a free throw during this friendly golf game.


Shaquille O'Neal Nails a “Free Throw” Putt During a Game of Golf

Shia LaBeouf Delivers Quite an Intense Motivational Speech

Posted in Videos » Celebs 30 May 2015   / 3523 views

It's really intense, you've been warned!


Game of Thrones: The Musical with Peter Dinklage (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 21 May 2015   / 1892 views

Tyrion Lannister is still going strong


Vin Diesel Break Dancing in the 80s (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 19 May 2015   / 2929 views


Ryan Gosling Finally Eats His Cereals (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 5 May 2015   / 2313 views

Remember this video (gif format if you prefer) from 2 years ago that was everywhere on the net?

Well, the guy behind this meme passed away due to cancer and Ryan Gosling is paying tribute by uploading this video to his Vine.



Mike Tyson Elbows Fan for Getting Too Touchy (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 4 May 2015   / 3142 views

This happened during the now infamous Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that was held last week.


David Hasselhoff Stars in an Epic '80s Style Music Video (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 18 Apr 2015   / 2289 views

This is a song from the soundtrack of the upcoming short film Kung Fury, which is described as an 1980s style action comedy that features arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants, and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury!



Robert Downey Jr. Gives a Bionic 'Iron Man' Arm to a Young Fan (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 13 Mar 2015   / 2815 views

Alex is a 7-year-old boy who was born with a partially developed right arm, he is also an Iron man fan... no need to tell this made his day!


The Funniest Thing Adam Sandler Has Done in Years (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 5 Mar 2015   / 4154 views

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler reunite for autism benefit in this hilarious video where they continue their 'Happy 'Gilmore' feud.


Madonna's Fall at the Brit Awards 2015 (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 26 Feb 2015   / 3475 views


Why Jackie Chan Is the Master of Action Comedy

Posted in Videos » Celebs 4 Dec 2014   / 6984 views

This will make you want to (re)-watch all his movies!

Why Jackie Chan Is the Master of Action Comedy

Look at How 'One Direction' Star Liam Peyne Takes Selfies with Fans (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Celebs 27 Nov 2014   / 3348 views

He sure knows how to instantly go from "I hate my life" to "everything is awesome"!

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