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What Your Dog Does When Left Home Alone (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 23 Apr 2015   / 3843 views


Puppy Thrown Off Bridge After His Leg Was Cut Off Gets Rescued (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 23 Mar 2015   / 4437 views

I'm warning you, this will probably make you cry! Also, there are some serious assholes out there.


Pro-Russian Separatists Rocket Attack on Kramatorsk, Ukraine (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 11 Feb 2015   / 3536 views

Not as spectacular as the previous videos but it depicts quite well how residents are scared for their lives.


Terrifying dashcam footage of Mariupol, Ukraine, being shelled

Huge explosion at a chemical plant in Ukraine



The Saddest Man of the World Cup (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 9 Jul 2014   / 4244 views


A Heart-warming Wedding That’s Both Touching and Tragically Sad (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 3 Jul 2014   / 4696 views

Rowden and Liezl were a normal, cute couple with a two year old daughter and were planning to get married when tragedy struck. 30 year old Rowden was diagnosed with liver cancer and bed ridden but they went ahead with the wedding anyway and the video went viral and received over 9 million hits in only one week.



The Sad Truth about Facebook

Posted in Videos » Sad 25 Jun 2014   / 9778 views

'What's on your mind?' is a short film about Facebook that you should definitely watch.


How People React When They See a Woman Abusing a Man (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 27 May 2014   / 6046 views

See how people react when they see domestic abuse happen to a woman and then to a man.


This Guy's Poem '21' Will Give You Chills (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 7 May 2014   / 3582 views

Poet and student Patrick Roche counts down from 21 years old, the year his father passed, while explaining his family's tragic history. 


Most Shocking Second a Day Video (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Sad 5 Mar 2014   / 11353 views


Other People Make Mistakes - Don't Speed

Posted in Videos » Sad 9 Jan 2014   / 6077 views


Kids in Syria Are Not Impressed Anymore by the Bombings

Posted in Videos » Sad 26 Nov 2013   / 2341 views

Look at their reaction after a bomb explodes right next to them during an interview


Epic TV Moment: Young Boy vs Drill Instructor

Posted in Videos » Sad 5 Sep 2013   / 5361 views

Well, that was unexpected…

This comes from ‘Boot camp my pre-teen’, an episode of Jenny Jones where kids were there to learn respect and discipline.


Yosemite National Park Rim Fire Time Lapse

Posted in Videos » Sad 30 Aug 2013   / 838 views


Asshole: Lvl 80

Posted in Videos » Sad 12 Aug 2013   / 2548 views

They gave him money afterwards, still is a douche move…


Cop Sexually Assaults Woman in Courtroom, Then Arrests Her for Protesting

Posted in Videos » Sad 12 Jun 2013   / 1741 views

What a crazy story! The judge should be fired too…


Only in China: Apartments with Walls Made of Foam, Doors Made of Paper…

Posted in Videos » Sad 7 Jun 2013   / 2082 views

See why people who paid for these apartments don’t even want to live in them…


Kids, Don’t Do Drugs!

Posted in Videos » Sad 10 May 2013   / 14271 views

Do yourself and your parents a favor, don’t try drugs ‘cause you may end up like this girl or even worse…


Horrifying Footage of a 747 Cargo Plane Crash in Afghanistan

Posted in Videos » Sad 1 May 2013   / 9567 views

Despite what’s written on the dashcam video, the crash happened on Monday. All seven crew members aboard the aircraft perished in the crash.


Dog Mourns Death of BFF Beaver

Posted in Videos » Sad 26 Apr 2013   / 1697 views

This went for hours…


Moving Interview of a Homeless Person

Posted in Videos » Sad 25 Apr 2013   / 2024 views

“No matter what you think about me, I know I’m a human first”


Dog Cries on Grave of Its Owner

Posted in Videos » Sad 24 Apr 2013   / 2671 views


The Fertilizer Plant Explosion from 3 Angles in 1 Video

Posted in Videos » Sad 19 Apr 2013   / 1721 views

Now, this is a legit reason for vertical videos…


Raw Footage of the Waco Texas Explosion

Posted in Videos » Sad 18 Apr 2013   / 4179 views

A fertilizer plant north of Waco Texas exploded yesterday evening as firefighters were battling a fire.

The blast shook houses 50 miles away and measured as a 2.1-magnitude seismic event, according to the United States Geological Survey.

More info here


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