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I'm Amazed That This Damaged Bus Can Still Drive

Posted in Videos » Wheels 6 Nov 2014   / 4083 views

This was filmed in Egypt.


Virginia Freeway Got Shut Down for a Very Strange Convoy of Trucks (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 28 Oct 2014   / 3665 views

These were the 110 commercial vehicles participating in the 2014 World's Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. I didn't know such an event existed..


WTF Asian Road Rage on the Highway (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 28 Oct 2014   / 4517 views

Two stubborn angry drivers refuse to give up their spot in the lane.


Car vs Tank Cleaning Unit (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 24 Oct 2014   / 7732 views

Watch a tank cleaning unit, the Hammelmann (1000bar, 192 l/min) destroy a Mercedes Benz 190 from the inside.


Biker Puts Sticker on Police Car, Runs from Them and Then Crashes

Posted in Videos » Wheels 24 Oct 2014   / 6175 views

Good ol' karma!


Man Takes On Parking Security Gate, Loses! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 23 Oct 2014   / 13122 views

This happened in Iceland. The car driver accidentally drove under the gate and then wanted to back out. Not only did it go wrong, it kept getting worse...


Mechanic Saves Mustang from Crashing at the Last Second (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 23 Oct 2014   / 13419 views

Never forget to set the parking brake!


Sleepy Driver Causes Three-Vehicle Crash

Posted in Videos » Wheels 23 Oct 2014   / 4178 views

No one was injured in the crash but the female driver responsible for the accident was taken to a local hospital. She was driving home from working a midnight shift and fell asleep behind the wheel. She will be charged with minor traffic violations.


Car Goes from 0 to 240mph (387 km/h) in 6 Seconds (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 22 Oct 2014   / 6927 views

And that's a new world record.


Aggressive Driver Brake Checks the Wrong Truck (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 20 Oct 2014   / 9089 views

Here goes the road rage video of the day and for once, it didn't happen in Russia, but in Ukraine. Anyways, zero f*cks were given that day!


And That Is Why You Should Wear a Seatbelt (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 17 Oct 2014   / 6301 views

This happened in Cheboksary, Russia. The passengers only suffered minor injuries.


Shut Up and Take My Money!!

Posted in Videos » Wheels 16 Oct 2014   / 6296 views

Razor's brand new 'Crazy Cart XL' looks like so much fun that I want one.


The New Tesla Model S: 0-60mph in 3.2 Seconds and Autopilot System Demo

Posted in Videos » Wheels 10 Oct 2014   / 4802 views

This is the Tesla Model S P85D AWD (All-Wheel Drive). It's equipped with 85 kWh batteries that allow to drive 275 miles per charge. It's one of the fastest sedans in the world. It's the closest thing to a self-driving car you can find and it can self park in your garage for example. This model costs $120,170.


Well, That's One Way of Cutting the Grass (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 10 Oct 2014   / 6433 views

More seriously, that is sick!


Spectators Lucky to Be Alive after Crazy Rally Car Crash (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 6 Oct 2014   / 5130 views

No one, even the pilot, got injured.


Croatian Woman Drives over Rising Drawbridge like It's Nothing (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 1 Oct 2014   / 4528 views

The 58-year-old woman told the local police that she was blinded by the sun and didn't see the red light.


Middle Finger Karma

Posted in Videos » Wheels 26 Sep 2014   / 6488 views


Drag Racer Not Wearing a Seatbelt Lucky to Be Alive After Crazy Accident (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 22 Sep 2014   / 5665 views

Not only did he stay alive, he was left uninjured!


Check Out This Pretty Cool Luxury Mini Van

Posted in Videos » Wheels 19 Sep 2014   / 4726 views


The Most Stressful Rush Hour Footage Ever (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 17 Sep 2014   / 5594 views

Fernando Livschitz took a video of an intersection during rush hour and condensed it all in one minute and the result is amazing.

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