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4 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day   26 Mar 2009   / 1761 views

Treasure Cutlass Reef
You are the commander of this pirate ship, you can mobe and rotate with WASD or the arrow keys. To fire the cannons, press the space, f or ctrl key

Space Eye Defense System
The goal for you is to defend yourself and seize the chance to attack your enemy. When the energy changes or the weapon is unselected, you must defend the space eye from enemies attack. Use left and right arrow keys to rotate shield. Pay attention to your energy bar. Some weapons need 1 bar energy to be accessible while some others need 2 or 3 bar energy, so choose the appropriate weapons. With your weapons, you should click the mouse button to shoot at your enemies, try to clear them! Come on and good luck!

Endless War
Endless War is an action game. In this great shooting game you have to lead your platoon in different campaigns to win the missions. To complete a mission you have to get to blinking mark ’This Way’. To do it you probably should kill all the enemies. You have 3 types of weapons - primary gun, pistol and knife. You can shoot through thin walls and barricades when you stand near it. There are some friendly units that will fight for you in some missions. Press "Q" KEY to order them to go to mouse position, if they meet an enemy they will attack him automatically. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS to move your soldier. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Hit "R" KEY to reload, "G" KEY to drop a gun, and press "Q" KEY to give orders. Good luck!

The Great Sperm Race
Millions die and only one can make it, Is it you? This is the journey of a sperm to the egg, race to the end and learn about how it all works. Arrows to move, space to see the whole level

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