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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted in Random » Curiosities   17 Apr 2009   / 16629 views

This week was tough but very rich in events.
We could do lots of stuff. If everything’s right, there will be a little surprise on Monday, it concerns videos )
Apart from that, everything’s just great. The site has grown a lot, and it’s only one month and something old
Stay with us, the site will become even better to entertain you.

There’s one thing I wanted to discuss with you. Do you think it’s worth letting non-registered users leave comments?
On the one hand, it’s not that good. There will be spamming, flooding, bad language etc. (of course I can moderate it quickly).
On the other hand, our regular non-registered visitors could comment.
Let’s do this. We will do one-week opinion poll concerning this issue and if the results will be in favour to allow all non-registered users to write comments, it will be done. During next week all the users can comment. Then, basing on the poll’s results and users activity, we will take necessary measures.
Don’t forget to vote on the right in the top of the page.

That’s all. Have a nice Friday night and a good weekend.
Meet you here on Monday.

P.S. All your content sent to me earlier will be posted on Monday. I just didn’t have time to finish it for today.

Three hottest babes of 80s-90s on the cover of ELLE magazine without make-up: Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, Sophie Marceau.
They still have some charm. Clickable.

Imprint of a pigeon that was run over by a car at 70 mph.
4 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Funny gif animations:

I found a great site where you can get information about any photograph: when it was done, what camera took it and many other stuff. It’s called - EXIF data.
Just enter the url and it’s done. EXIFity.com

Soap for emo ;(
5 Curiosities and bonus pictures

A life long supporter of the labour party was lying on his death bed when he suddenly decided to join the Tory party.
“But why?” asked his puzzled friend, “You’re labour through and through… Why change now?”
The man learned forward and explained, “Well, I’d rather it was one of them that died and not one of us.”

Sakura Shrimp - billions of tiny little prawns - are sun-dried in Shizuoka Prefecture, south-west of Tokyo, in front of Mount Fuji.
6 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Maxim magazine (7 photos)

Geneva car show girls (28 photos)

Thank God we have skin! (7 photos)

Kendra Wilkinson’s big squeeze (7 photos)

Holly Madison (7 photos)

Devon Aoki, Japanese supermodel (32 photos)

Vinyl toys from Huck Gee (20 photos)

They wanted some privacy, but even there they were found (5 photos)

Snow Rollers on the Camas Prairie (6 photos)

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