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7 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day   13 May 2009   / 2122 views

Everyday we put at least 4 new games on Izismile.
But if it isn't enough for you, you can go and check out our GAME ARCHIVE, we have more than 300 games in there.

Pirate Defense
Pirate Defense is flash game in which you must set up traps that will bounce and kill incoming pirates. Don't let them get by!

5 min. to kill (yourself)
5 min. to kill (yourself) is a flash game about suicide: Stan is in office hell. As Stan, you wander the office space finding ingenious ways to hurt him until Stan's health is completely drained. Save him from another boring meeting. You have only 5 minutes to kill him.

Headspin Storybook
Take a walk through a magical pop-up storybook, testing your visual awareness skills against the clock. This beautifully illustrated game will keep you addicted for hours! Directions: Use you mouse to left click the pop up pictures to flip then over

Sushi Tower Defense
Sushi Tower Defense is a tower defense flash game with…sushis! Beat all sushi dishes! Game controls: U - Update S - Sell N - Next wave 0-9 - New Tower. Mouse - Place tower.

Ultimate Tactics
Ultimate Tactics is a strategy flash game with RPG elements mixed in, based on the Ultimate Defense games. You begin the game as Kronus, a young aspiring knight, who is asked to aid his grandfather in getting rid of some critters that appeared in his yard.
Travel through the land, engage in battles, visit cities, and look for new recruits to join your party. Good luck on your quest!

Zombie Mayhem
Zombie Mayhem is a flash game in which you must kill all the zombies with your trusty bow and arrows! If you are not fast enough, its all over, if you are too fast, you may shoot your friends instead. Survive for as long as possible!

Crush the Castle
Crush the Castle - Have some more catapult master experiences and play this refreshed version of Castle Clout shooting game. Destroy enemy's fortresses by firing heavy shots at their walls!

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