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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted in Random » Curiosities   30 Jun 2009   / 10649 views

Hot summer days are flying by and I can only watch them from my window )
And how is your summer going? Someone is going to go on vacation, someone stays to work as I do.
No matter how you’re spending your summer, remember that there’s always an interesting set of news with the most recent pictures and videos as well as great games waiting for you on Izismile.
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Teen sails into Miss England final wearing the same dress her grandma was modelling in 1966.
1 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Billy Mays, OxiClean pitchman, found dead. The 50-year-old TV pitchman was found unresponsive by his wife Deborah in his home on 28th June.
2 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Michael Jackson’s autopsy (rumors).

How to explain all these recent deaths of the famous people? Mystery. Clickable.

Funny gif animations:
Nothing to say here ))
5 Curiosities and bonus pictures

I don’t think that the father of Michael, Joe Jackson, was behaving himself correctly, laughing this much just after Michael’s death.
6 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Sasha Baron Cohen is behaving in his usual way.
7 Curiosities and bonus pictures

A little edit to the yesterday’s news.
The ugliest dog this year is Pabst.
8 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Аnd Miss Millie won in the pedigree category.
9 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Thanks to Gretal Katt

Michael Jackson’s Russian wannabe Pavel Talalaev tried to kill himself after he had heard about the death of his idol. He was saved by doctors in time.

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You will find inside the today’s Curiosities a GIF animation that shows us that even old games characters can cheat! Enjoy :)

19 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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