There, I Fixed It. Part 4 (78 pics)

9 Apr 2010


kero 10 year s ago
nice funny one
I have a name? 10 year s ago
maybe its because I'm drunk, but this post gives me faith in humanity. We can do anything with anything! Fuck buying things
4down2 10 year s ago
Pabst Blue Ribbon...bicycle fender ! elvis dirol ok
Tarzan 10 year s ago
atta fixed it ....
incognito562 10 year s ago
{put awesome name here} 10 year s ago
some genius, some just plain stupid
mominco 10 year s ago
great ideas!!! n_tongue
Angela 9 year s ago
Must-win? No, but need-to-win to keep the gnearel, RU/NJ populace off suicide watch? Hell Yeah!!Luckily, these first, two games are non-conference foes and don't figure into the conference record. However, should Rutgers falter to UNC (not exactly USC or OU); then the rest of the schedule, including Navy, becomes a real nightmare.But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let me pump our collective brakes a bit. This is only game 2, not a season ending event. We just got started and already the sky is falling!I try to enjoy these moments as best I can, regardless of the outcome. (Preferring the Knights win of course, with every RU fan happy and their belts in the proper position around their waists; not forming a giant noose in the parking lot.)I think this must-win' thing is out of F.E.A.R., ya know, false evidence appearing real; the possibility of starting a periennial losing trend. (Remember the days of Shea?)With so much productivity to replace, yet so much promise coming into this season; stumbling so badly out of the gate has raised concern.The real fear for us (fans) is that with the next successive loss, the program could regress to its' former self God forbid.With every game, RU fan base wants nothing but success. We're still in the hunt for some very impressionable, 17 yr. old, 4/5 star recruits, who are watching everything (forums too) and wondering will RU ever hit the big time and should they commit, will it happen during their stay.A jubilant Sea of Red is always better than a team of hung heads. It's amazing to see and feel the goodwill created throughout the RU community; the state, after a huge win. (Remember Louisville & So. Fla. victories?)Just imagine what the national audience will see should RU lose tomorrow. A dejected bunch from jersey; full of promise a few seasons ago and now And let's not forget those anti-football/sports pundits who will stop at nothing to tarnish what Mulcahy/Schiano & co. have accomplished to date (though still a work in progress).They must not be given any ammunition. You'd think they'd be happy with the increase in application's and national visibility. (Go figure.)Unfortunately, every victory, on and off the field is monumental for the program and the Thursday match will be no exception. That's a lot of pressure on the man' and his family and it shouldn't be.He had a vision the State University football program and its starting to come to fruition. Let him do his work; providing NJ with another feather in our cap. How bout we enjoy the ride.This would be my first, live RU game. This fan, since the days of listening on the radio to J.J. Jennings running wild, has been living in Atlanta for the last 20 years and enjoying the view from afar. If I don't see you at the game, I'll be enjoying that jublilant sea of red at home.GO RU!!big de
Fesal 9 year s ago
I have awalys wanted a fun photo editing program! I take a lot of pictures and it would be really fun to make them into cool works of [email protected]
Armady 9 year s ago
Hi Peter,The cinlsog deadline is Midnight on Monday so you can upload your entry at any time that day.Thanks, Judith

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