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Obama Is in the Place!

Posted in Videos   9 Nov 2010   / 1345 views

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Merve 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
The version of the bill that the NJ Senate cittommee released last week contains a provision to create a DEATH PANEL. That is created by the inclusion of the line which creates a panel that determines who gets to go to better hospitals out of state and who does not. Who gets cutting edge cancer treatment at Sloan and who does not. Who's child gets saved at CHOP and who does not. Who gets a successful brain surgery at Columbia Presbyterian and who does not. Who gets lifesaving trauma surgery at NYU and who does not.It does not surprise me that the Democrats included a DEATH PANEL, that is what their supreme leader BHO did in his healthcare bill.What does surprise me is that the Republicans are going along with it!There is no savings involved here. Those out of state hospitals are either in network or they are not. If in network, the health insurer pays the negotiated rate which is the same for all in network hospitals including those in state. If the hospital is not in network, the insurer pays 80% of the REASONABLE AND CUSTOMARY rate as determined by the insurer. They do not pay one cent more than they would if it was an out of network hospital in NJ. This is a huge invasion of the government into the health and lives of the citizens of NJ. If they can do it to the public employees, the private sector employees are next. Boss Norcross did this to make money off of public employees and you better believe that he would do it to private sector also. The public employees are just the guinea pigs, if he gets away with it there, he will go further.When government can control who lives and who dies by virtue of a DEATH PANEL, it is time for real change. Not the BHO kind.