Daily Stare: Whoa Monday Again (16 pics + 1 video)

15 Nov 2010


Mouse Hippocampus

The hippocampus is an area of the brain that is critical for learning.


Bret Michaels

The 47 year old diabetic is taking time out to help the American Diabetes Association raise awareness of the disease. Bret has had diabetes since he was 6 and continues his daily regime of checking his sugar levels and eating healthy.


Fresh Veggies

It isn’t hard to find fresh veggies if you live around Naples, Florida. They have an open market daily from 730 to 1130 am each and every Saturday in downtown Naples.


Belgium or Bust

A man pedals faster and harder to work his way through the flooded streets of Swalm, Belgium,  to get to his job.


Ink for Inks Sake

A lady holds steady as she is given more colors during the Brussels Tattoo Convention.


Fun and Balloons

After a lengthy house arrest and another criticized election Nobel Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi was released. This will give another voice to the democracy. Her independence was celebrated by her supporters with balloons and cheering.


Look Up There

Not really this is just technician preparing a podium for the Christian Democratic Union in Germany.


Whoops There it Is

This bull fighter finds his feet in the air and his ass heading down to the ground in Peru. Juan Carlos Cuba’s is just one of Peru’s bullfighters. I think he lost his fight today though.


China’s Three Stooges?

Nope, these are the three gold medal winners Zhang Lei, Zhang Miao and Cheng Changsong celebrating their win for track cycling at the 18th Asian games in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China.


Irish Tourists

Are a wee bit different then other country tourists. Here we find a couple taking a break from the tour and having a bit of lunch by a slow moving stream.


Nissan Murano Unveiled

This new hip car will be the first all wheel drive crossover convertible.


$25.00 Junk Food Tray

Yummy Yum!  This tray is pure decadence. You can grab this twenty-five dollar treat in Las Vegas at the Palms Place Hotel & Spa and eat like the stars.


Disney Takes over Times Square in New York

Beauty, Cinderella and other notable Disney Chars took over Times Square for a new Disney store release. I bet New Yorkers were shocked by having to share their streets with loveable Disney characters. This will be the largest of all the Disney stores and with 1.5 million people passing through Times Square daily, it should be very busy.


Allure Of the Seas

The Wolf family wins a trip on the Royal Caribbean’s new Allure of the Seas. After the Carnival Splendor accident we have to wonder how comfortable they feel about floating out to see on this the maiden voyage of the Allure.


New lifeboats are placed during construction on the deck awaiting placement on the actual ship. These almost look like something that might have been found on the Nautilus.


Ru Ru in Wheelchair

This dog had a best friend that was a Rottweiler. They did everything together until one day the rottie accidently stepped on Ru Ru. It crushed his rear end and his back. He was kept by his owners until the realized they couldn’t keep up his care properly.


He has since then been taken in by the Humane Society and they are seeking the perfect owners for Ru Ru and his special needs.


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