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‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ Lip Dub

Posted in Videos   26 Nov 2010   / 2035 views

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Rubi 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Naysayers? .naysayers???Sounds more like they have a better grasp on ielarty than the author. It is high time we started calling the enemy what they are, agitators, dividers and liars. In a state of public school indoctrinated dolts one man's vote has little impact. Ignoring the truth, reporting untruths and making nice with the enemy HAS NO EFFECT and it is time to stop. Hoping not to offend anyone is never going to win any votes, it only empowers the enemy. And make no mistake, democrats ARE the ENEMY. You have armies of fools in this state (and country) who vote not on what is ACTUALLY happening but on party affiliation because their mother told them democrats are for the people. DEMOCRATS DESPISE THE PEOPLE. That is the story that needs to be constantly told. Not this drivel of what a nice, reasonable guy one of the most racist members of congress is. Until and unless we take back the classroom, and that requires getting government OUT of the education business, all the voting in the world is not going to change anything. For the most part, the only difference between newly elected PIGS and the old PIGS is that the new PIGS are likely more corrupt than the old PIGS. The best we can ever hope for is to elect someone who will slow down the decline, it is never reversed heck, it is never even discussed honestly.