Tarzan 10 year s ago
renee and alec yey!!
GOODSTUFF4U 10 year s ago
I don't look anything like my high school photos - tough life or too much beer
einsib 10 year s ago
Han Solo...lol
2Cool4Ice 10 year s ago
Hand solo...LOL
heh 10 year s ago
Han Solo? Seriously? The man's name is Harrison Ford.
Mujeeb 9 year s ago
Let us keep everything fair and rnsaoeable.First off, I believe these recordings to be genuine. I don't doubt that there are members of the NJEA who are this arrogant. This type of full with oneself is not uncommon when you live under your set of rules and are essentially untouchable. It is the same sort of syndrome you see with policiians that are office and are constantly re-elected or tyrants that rule 3rd world countries.After saying all this, I do think we need to refrain from painting with a single brush the entire education system. I know of many educators that are wonderful teachers, work very hard, and demonstrate a sincere interest in helping children learn.Perhaps the whole concept of teachers being professionals : and also having a strong politically oriented union are counter productive?I know it isn't possibe nor probably legal but I think everyone(except the union big wigs) would probably be better off if either there was no NJEA or state union. At most perhaps district unions. Short of that we would need county districts to control was is obviously a divide and conquer tactic which keeps the NJEA in the driver's seat when it come to local boards and local negotiators. I believe it is what detracted teachers from maintaining their focus on education and allowed the huge expansion of administrators, their pay, and the perks that we are all paying for. As a state wide organization their influence on adding tons of mandates that caused massive increases in personell and straying from fundamentals has hurt the eduction system.Just my opinion on some of the factors that has caused us to lag behind and also greatly increased the price of education in NJ.
Naina 9 year s ago
al i am mcgreevy cum taste some golan off me i got some left if you want .i know how much lutrboe, in my life i've never even considered buying a gun, i am now have someone read my posts to you tolstoy .to the rant on entitlements see who are the beneficiaries of these entitlements you'll find their about even black vs white ..alex this is AMERICA i calls'em asi sees em. folksy is in style you betcha fine debate wether he was spit on i've seen the tape delude yourselves further. i guess stupak placed those calls himself. own your movements' behavior be proud of what you've accomplished. socialist this communist that your all nuts! i won't bother to try and explain jeremiah wright as your a lost cause perhaps when you explain ted haggard ministering to bush about boys and meth
Cindy 9 year s ago
- Jess, I used a macro lens for the snowflake shot. I have a 60mm 2.8. The sanwflokes were actually on my glove so the fibers you see around the sanwflokes that is my glove lol!

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