17 Jan 2011


Dragon on his Back

This unique backpack was created by Bob Basset of Ukraine. The backpack is created from leather and some say a little black magic.


Shrek in Real Life

The strongest Man Competition in Howick Highland Games, NZ.


Sunrise in Germany

Breathtaking beauty in Garmisch-Partenkirchen southern Germany.


Daisy Chain

These children huddle around a fire to try and keep warm during the freezing temperatures in Jammu.



Dogs and their mushers climb the Mont-Cenis road during the eighth stage of the La Grande Odysee sled dog race in Lanslebourg. The race crosses the Alps in France and Switzerland and covers over 621 miles over 11 days.


Eek it’s a Rat!

Nothing like being woken up on the subway by a furry little critter. This guy was captured on video and has been viewed over 400,000 times as a rat scampers across his face.


More Damage

Check out the little car barely hanging off the wall. I hope they figure out how to get it down before it comes crashing down on its own.


Urinal Game


Tokyo and Sega have a new game. It is all about peeing, yeah, enough said.


The Irony of it All

In 1950 one of the largest brinks car robberies occurred in Boston. The men got away with it, well almost just 6 days before the statue of limitations ran out they were caught. A member of the gang gave up what he knew to the FBI after a hitman tried to take him out in prison for another crime that he committed.


72 Years to Late

Joe Arriday is an Innocent man, and was pardoned after 72 years. He is the first man to be pardoned in Colorado after being executed; it is so sad that it took them this long to pardon an innocent man.


Unrequited Love

This pooch mourns the passing of its owner to the horrible landslide in Brazil. The love of a pet is the best love of all.


$1.00 Worker

It is true, Steve Jobs has an annual salary of one buck. He has had this amazing yearly salary since 1997. This begs us to ask how do you afford your basic needs on that amount of money.


Linty Last Supper

A Michigan woman spent over 800 hours collecting the lint and then 200 hours to piece together a picture of the last supper. The masterpiece made out of lint is fourteen feet long and four feet tall.


Odd Pair

No, it isn’t an accident. Helena Bonham Carter chose to wear her shoes in different colors. She stated when you spend 3 hours to get dressed, then why not go all out.


Volcano Flambé

This twenty dollar dessert begins with you putting on a lab coat and glasses. This mini flaming mountain of ice cream offers meringue and a banana mouse all topped off with a gold leaf and spun sugar crown. It lies on a bed of almond cake and cookie crumbs.

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