Tilted Tens: Wild Fantasy Vacations

18 Jan 2011



Diving in Indonesia

This restful spot is Raja Ampat Island. It is mostly uninhabited so that you can get away from the cold and the pressures of living in civilization. You will find schools of giant tuna, mobula rays along with beautiful skies and warm waters.



Kangaroo Island

There is much to see here including wildlife and some culinary tourism. You can find Kangaroo Island in Australia. It is 30 minutes by ferry to the mainland, but the vast land on the island is like being all alone surrounded by bushlands and broad beaches. You can enjoy daylong scuba outings or just enjoy the wildlife like the leafy sea dragon. If you like interesting foods you’ll enjoy such as honey made from Ligurian bees or creamy sheep milk cheese, lamb, oysters, prawns, and barramundi. You can stay at the Southern Ocean Lodge that is built above the Hanson Bay on the southeast coast.




This is definitely an interesting place to visit there are many things to view and see including this ceram that is made from ground bark which provides protection from the equatorial sun. This is the country where Bob Dylan once said its nice to stay a week in Mozambique. This inviting former Portuguese colony is east of Zimbabwe and north of South Africa. There are a ton of interesting attractions to beguile any visitor.



Golden Temple

This temple is set in the middle of the blue sacred pool. You will find rest and peace by visiting this temple even if it is just for a moment. You can find the golden temple in India.



Machu Picchu

This wonder of the world is a mystical place and a great spot to find your center. It is the most popular place in Peru. The people believe that they created of god. It is said that this place offers strange forces of nature that permit a person to attain a cosmic state. You can reach this mystical place by climbing high 2300 feet above sea level, although you might have a hard time getting there since the area is remote and inaccessible.



Antelope Canyon

This canyon is located in the Lake Powell area of Arizona. The canyon is one of the most breathtaking sites that you’ll ever see. It is also known as a corkscrew canyon or slot canyon. The canyon is 60 feet deep and two feet across at the top. The water and wind have eroded the sandstone forming this canyon millions of years ago.



Pretty Beach House in Sydney

Just outside Sydney Australia this beach house screams relaxation and fun. You can lie about and just take in the weather or go inside and feast on amazing food that is created for you. They has a relaxed homely beach villas to make you relax even if you don’t want to.



Tennis Anyone

If you are a tennis fan then you might want to vacation where you can try out the world’s highest tennis court. You will find this amazing structure in Burj Al Arab in Dubai. The court stands at 211 m high on the hotels helipad. It is 415sq across and includes a wire mesh so that you won’t fall off to easily.



Ishtar Gate

You can find this gorgeous gate in Iraq. The gate is one of the eight gates of the inner city of Babylon, the capital of the Babylonian Empire 575 BC. It was created by Nebuchadnezzar 2.


It is adorned with dragons, lions, bulls, and was dedicated to the goddess Ishtar. If you do not want to travel to Iraq you can visit the Pergamon Museum in Berlin where they have reconstructed a gateway from the glazed bricks that were found.




You will find this amazing rock formation in Anatolia. There are exciting walks trails, mysterious cities, and rock cut churches. Cappadocia began in prehistoric times and the area is very popular for a tourist destination. It is located southwest of Kayseri which has airlines and rail service to Arikara and Istanbul. You can visit Fairy Chimneys, Goreme Valley National Park, and rock churches along with underground cities of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, and Ozkonak.



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