Eye on Stars: Fairy Tales Makeovers, Major Transformation for Role and More Hollywood News

9 Feb 2011


Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony theft

It looks like Lohan will really be in trouble now! Presecutors has decided to charge Lindsay Lohan with felony grand theft regarding a $2500 jewelry that she allegedly stole in Kamofie and Co. last month. According to DA spokeswoman Jane Robison, the charge will be filed tomorrow, Wednesday where the actress is due in court for an arraignment. Despite that, her lawyer had denied that Lohan had anything to do with the theft and will fight for it if she is charged. Oh dear, this is serious trouble for LiLo here as she could be thrown in jail. We can’t even think if she’s serious of getting out of trouble. You better watch out LiLo or this theft charge can be the end of your career.


Julia Roberts to play the evil queen in another Snow White movie

So there are three versions of Snow White coming out?! Is Hollywood running out of ideas for original stories?! Anyway, we know that Charlize Theron will be playing the evil queen in Snow White and the Hunstman, while Disney is coming up with another Snow White movie set in 19th century China. But another evil queen is in the midst as Julia Roberts will play the villainess in another untitled Snow White movie. Here, Snow White wants payback from her evil stepmother who killed her father. So now Snow White decides to fight back? We hate the original Snow White anyway, so this is a fresh start of a movie adaptation, but we think three versions are rather too much. 


Famke Janssen cast in modern Hansel and Gretel

Aside from Snow White, another fairy tale is getting a makeover…with a villain cast already. Famke Janssen of X-Men will be returning to the big screen as the leader of all witches in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton will be playing Hansel and Gretel 15 years after the original fairy tale, where they are “specialized bounty-hunters looking to take down the witches that almost killed them.” Ooookay…now that’s what you call modern fairy tale. What’s next? A zombie killing little red-riding hood or the vampire killer Cinderella??? Really, what’s with the makeover of fairy tales? We’re sure this is just the start as more and more modern fairy tales will come out in the next years.


Olivia Wilde separates from husband of eight years

“Tron” actress Olivia Wilde is splitting up with her filmmaker husband of eight years, Tao Ruspoli. According to a source, the two have been living apart after trying to work on their relationship, to no avail. Wilde married Ruspoli (who is an Italian prince as well) in a school bus in Virginia when she was just in her teens. Now she can be freely called a sex symbol as she will be single in just a few weeks and we’re sure more boys will be ogling on her. After all, she is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood now and being married hasn’t stopped her from like that.


Meryl Streep’s transformation for an iconic role

We really admire stars who fully transform themselves in order to stay true to their upcoming roles, and Meryl Streep is one of them. She recently did a transformation for her role as Margaret Thatcher, England’s first female prime minister from 1979 to 1990, in “The Iron Lady”. Streep wore the magnificent pearl necklaces and button earrings that says much about being a politician, and even fixed her hair the same way as that of Thatcher. It’s a stunning transformation that left us gawking in awe. Streep is perfect for the role and we’re sure she’ll be able to do her performance as Thatcher very well!


Sienna Miller and Jude Law split…for good

It looks like this couple had enough of their on-off antics. After having an on-off relationship, Sienna Miller and Jude Law call it quits…for good. Reasons for the split have not been revealed yet, but sources close to the two said the split has been decided weeks ago. Well, it’s only a matter of time before things really got too much for them that they couldn’t make it last longer anymore. We have heard of their on-off antics that we were already thinking: when will they ever split?! And now it’s happened…finally. We’re sure Miller will find somebody better that will stick to her through and through. 


Heather Morris tells more about her BF

Glad to know that one of our favorite Glee girls is happy with her new beau. Heather Morris talks about her boyfriend, Taylor Hubbell, in a recent interview with E!Online. Hubbell is a college baseball player in Louisiana, in which Morris admits they never get to see each other much. But they were recently spotted in the Axe Lounge in the Super Bowl and spent the whole night together. It was a special occasion for them since they won’t be able to be together for Valentine’s Day. Well, good for you Morris! At least both of you are happy even if you don’t see each other much! And even if you’re taken, you’re still our favorite Glee girl! 


Charlie Sheen will be back to work in two weeks

Despite news that he has gone to rehab, even if at home, Charlie Sheen will be back to work in two weeks. Sadly, the actor has no real plans of even going to rehab at all according to his lawyer, Yale Galanter. This is rather disappointing and sad because we know that even if he is healthy, it won’t stop Sheen from continuing his partying with drugs, alcohol and women. When will the people around him ever learn?! No offense meant, but we really won’t be surprised if he suddenly drops dead there. He really needs to get some help now before it’s too late.


Cynthia Nixon and girlfriend welcomes baby boy

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni are now proud parents to a baby boy. Christine gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday named Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni. Christine is also doing great and is now resting at an unknown hospital now. Max joins his other half siblings, Samantha, 14, and Charles, 8 from Cynthia’s previous relationship. The couple is very happy for the new addition to their family and will give a lot of love and care to their new baby boy. Congratulations Cynthia and Christine! You gave birth to another Hollywood baby!


Sofia Vergara with no make-up

There are a few celebrities who are able to go out in public without any make-up on and end up either successful or fail. Sofia Vergara recently came out without her glamor of a makeup or dress and, for us, she goes between success and fail. Yes she may be beautiful, but not as beautiful as when she’s styled up and all. Maybe natural beauty would be fine but not a stunner. All in all, she can pass as plain beautiful in this picture here, but we would rather see her in a beautiful red carpet dress and with make-up on than all toned down.


meukr 10 year s ago
finally we get a chance to get rid of lindsey lohan....the world will be better without her....and she doesn't have any carreer..by the way
incognito562 10 year s ago
sofia scary a.f
rolotomasi 10 year s ago
sofia vergara with no make up on ... who gives a frak, she still has big tits :)

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