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Rexie 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Alkhoren 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
lvl 9 soluce : in order, left to right : platform, on it ramp, it jumps the hole, then it jumps on the dynamite, you put a platform and the trampoline on it. then pink dynamite under the star, reverse sign under the last star, and the last ramp to its right.

lvl 10 soluce : pink dynamite to the left ot the bottom grey thing, another pink at the right of the middle of the three grey thing, a platform at the left of the finish platform and the rest is not used.

lvl 11 soluce : accelerator at the left of the ramp then you put the three pink dynamite in order to jump to the first platform. You put another at it's right, then another at the left of the finish platform, you should have another platform but it's not needed.

lvl 12 platform under you, to your left , and to your right. reverse sign at the left of the star. leave two blank at the left of the pink dynamite and put another dynamite, a platform at the left of the last star, under one blank, and another to the right of the second platform after the finish sign. i had two platforms that i didn't use.

lvl 13 soluce : platform under the first star, pink dynamite right to the first pink dynamite, platform left to the platform under the third star, accelerator on it, trampoline left to the grey thing, grey thing under the last star, a blank between them. It lokks crappy but it works lol.

lvl 14 soluce : Esay as pie : put the tzo stars in front of you, the pink dynamite on nothing right to the fourth platform, then stack the grey things up so that you have something plain using platforms and its all, i had acelerator and a grey thing that i didn't use.
Archlord 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
lvl 15 soluce : pink at the right of the ramp, one case upper, to the right, an other pink, two blank to the right, one case upper, an other pink dynamite. then you figure the rest cause it's just too easy , you make it go backward, and put the tranpoline on the platform at the left of the level.

lvl 16 soluce : the key is to not use the pink dynamite at the begining but later put the grey thing under the third star, right to it a ramp then two accelerator , a ramp just right to the last pink dynamite, right to that ramp, two slowing signs. and your done

lvl 17 : easy, i made it at my first attempt : a platform to not fall on the first dynamite, then a trampoline between the second and the third dynamite, a blank left to the finish sign and then a pink dynamite, platform to stop the car right to the last star and it's over.

lvl 18 : made it on my first attempt, first of all, you only need three thing : one grey thing under the second star, an other after a blank to the right, a blank to the right and then the pink dynamite

lv 19 : Use a ramp to jump the first hole, then two accelerators, an other ramp to jump the second hole. a pink to jump the third, now you go reverse, a pink right to the platform where you fall, two grey thing to fill the hole, a reversed accelerator at the left end of the botom left platform and you're good.

lvl 20 : the first two pink under the first two stqrs, then a pink right to the two red dynamite, a ramp on the platform at the top right, a reversed accelerator at the left of the reverse sign, and it should work, if not, try again, it bugs sometimes.

For the first level just search you should find the answer easily enough no the internet