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16 Feb 2011


Catching a Wave

In a boat! Now that takes talent! This is the Piha women’s surf boat crew as it was hit by a big wave. They are entered in the Surf Lifesaving Big Wave Classic held at Piha Beach, New Zealand.


Lit Up

Just one person is attending the Giza pyramids and watching the light and sound show. During Egypt’s uprising most of the tourists fled. Tourism is what supports at least 10 percent of the population of Egypt.


Wind Explorer

This car is driven by the wind and has been driven across Germany and Australia in this updated photo. The car is called the wind explorer, but it is actually powered by batteries. It has traveled over 5,000 km from Perth to Sydney on Tuesday. The kite item is used to help increase the speed of the vehicle.


Zooming Again

The traffic has begun to flow again in Tahrir Square, Cairo now that the uprising has ceased. The Egyptian army cleared the area of the last remaining protestors.



People in Seoul, South Korea twirl cans filled with burning wood chips during the celebration before the Great full Moon festival.


Shadow Soldiers

Shadows keep these guards company as they march back and forth in front of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens, Greece.


Burning Body

This live art piece is being shown during the British Art Show, and is seen by thousands of people daily. The piece was created by Turner-Prize nominated Roger Hiorns.


India’s Flying Car

This ordinary Maruti has been affixed with rotor blades, and extended wheelarches that cover a vacuum section. It hasn’t flown yet, but the car already has people wanting to back it to see it fly. It was shown at the Aero India 2011 air show in Bangalore.



This winning photo is of Thomas Daley of Britain. He is competing in the Men’s 3m Springboard diving event during the Youth Olympics at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex in Singapore.



An English class is conducted on the streets in Isalambad.


Where is the Canoe?

The boat is hidden under these athletes that are competing in the V6 category of the South American Va’a. This is also called the Polynesian canoe Championship in Rio de Janeiro.


Flop and Pop

The Toyonoshima lost to Kotoosku on the third day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.


Wedding Flyers

These two swung out on rappelling ropes during their wedding ceremony in Prachinburi province, Thailand.


Look a Likes

They say that owners and their pets look alike, and in this photo we see that it is true. This is a Logan, an English setter and her owner Lindsey Kuhn. They are attending the 135th Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York.


Safe Flight

These boats are taking charge of immigrants as they enter into their waters in Italy.


This Tunisian mans shirt states Hooray for Italy and is seen as he hops off the boat.

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