Daily Stare: Light Fantastic

22 Mar 2011


Tustle it out!

Pro and anti-Gadhafi protesters have reached their limit, causing fights on the street in front of the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.


Hands Up

So many people (hundreds) in Teotihuacan, Mexico, are celebrating the Spring Equinox at the Teotihuacan archeological zone. To most beliefs, the day of the Spring Equinox the ancestral spirits and the cosmic forces are invoked to purificate the body along with the soul.


Gather 'Round

In Bnei Brak, Israel, Ultra-Orthodox Jews belonging to the Vishnitz Hassidic sect celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim.


Waiting, Waiting

During a presidential runoff in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, electoral workers wait for voters at a polling station.


Advertising Walk

On a pedestrian bridge in Beijing, China, a young woman walks on it, which has various advertising contact numbers that are scribbled on the surface.


Seeing Through the Fence

In Ras Jdir, Tunisia, men from Ghanda who used to work in Libya, stare at a refugee camp at the Tunisia-Libya border, waiting for news regarding their repatriation process.


Prayin' through the flag

Chanting prayers for demonstrators killed in clashes with Yemeni security forces is the new thing, but only if you are being seen through a hole of your national flag! Okay, it may not be a completely 'new thing' for people, but this anti-government protester is doing just that. He's praying for the demonstrators killed in classes with Yemeni security forces.


Sleepy time

The survivors in Japan of the current tsunami and earthquake, are still stuggling terribly. This sports hall turned into a shelter, which a man was evacuated from the tusnami disaster zone, and showed up here to sleep.


Riding in Red

In Royal Mews in central London, Carriage Restorer Dave Evans cleans the 1902 State Landau carriage. Prince William and Kate Middleton will be carried in this coach on April 29th, their wedding day, if the weather is promising.


Blue Yonder

Celebration of Holi at the Bankey Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, India, Hindu devotees play with colored powders.


Donating Elephant

Everyone knows that elephants are lucky, and this elephant walks down the street through the Southeast Asian states,  carrying a box full of money so people will donate money for the survivors of Japan.


Aircraft Armed Danger

In the United Kingdom, they are getting an aircraft ready for missions over Libya. It looks like they are armed and ready!


Ninjas in Glasses

In front of a courthouse in Egypt, Women are waiting for two members of the Egyptian Jihad to be released.


Glowing Colors

On the building of the Sydney Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Illuminations are shown before the show.


Eye Dancing

Usha Nangiar performs a classical dance of Kerala, which is Nangiarkoothu, during a cultural event.


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