Eye on Stars: Mischa Barton's Vibrating Sex Toy Dilemma And Other Hollywood News (6 pics)

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Mischa Barton Caught Up In Mysterious Sex Toy Scandal

Mischa Barton is not a happy camper after discovering that a Chinese sex toy company is using her face on the package of a sexual device. The disposable vibrating ring-shaped sex toy can only be purchased in rural China and is currently being offered as part of an array of “Western” amenities in a Chinese hotel. Barton’s rep says she did not endorse any such toy. No word on if the actress will pursue legal action.

Brooke Mueller Checks Into Rehab – Again

On Friday, Brooke Mueller refused to take a mandatory drug test which she was required to take as part of her custody settlement with Charlie Sheen and today, she is back in rehab. Mueller is believed to have had a relapse that ended with a crazy week of binging. She disappeared during this time until surveillance video of her attempting to get money at an Inglewood pawn shop surfaced online.

Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Double Won’t Back Down

Ballerina Sarah Lana has maintained since day one that she did the majority of Natalie Portman’s dancing in the Black Swan and she will not back down until the actress and the producers of the movie admit it. Portman won an Academy Award for her role in the movie but Lane alleges that after she spoke to Glamour magazine about her part in the movie, she got a phone call from one of the film’s producers ordering her to stay quiet because it was bad for Portman’s image. The film’s director, Darren Aronofsky and the choreographer, Benjamin Millepied – who is Portman’s fiancé and the father of her unborn child, have refuted Lane’s accusations saying there are 139 dance shots in the film and 111 are Portman untouched while 28 are her dance double.

Leah Messer Files for Divorce

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer did not get the happy ending she desperately wanted. Six months after exchanging “I dos” with the father of her two children, Corey Simms, the 18-year-old has filed for divorce. The reality TV star filed papers in Kanawha County and while no official reason has been given for the split, money mismanagement and rumors of infidelity on his part are believed to have played a major role in the couple’s decision to part ways.

Matthew Morrison Flees Rat-Infested Home

Matthew Morrison’s home has gone to the rats – literally. The Glee star was forced to leave his California home after he discovered it was covered in rat feces and there were two huge rats in his bed. The actor got rid of one rodent only to be startled by yet another one. Unable to compete with the determined rats, Morrison checked into a hotel and he is now on the hunt for a new place.

Nicolas Cage Bailed Out By Dog the Bounty Hunter

It pays to have friends in high places as Nicolas Cage discovered when he was arrested in New Orleans over the weekend. The actor’s $11,000 bond was paid by none other than reality TV star Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman. Cage was arrested and charged with domestic abuse and disturbing the peace after an argument with his wife regarding the address of their rental place got out of hand.


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