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Stunning Bright Color Photos From 1900-1940s (62 pics)

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Even though color photography wasn’t made widely available to the public until the 60s you can now see color images from as early as the turn of the century. It’s amazing to see that life wasn’t in black and white during those times.


1904: Sunni Muslim In Traditional Dress, Dagestan

1905: Tea Factory In Chavka

1909: Russian Peasant Women In Kirillov

1910: Monastery Of St. Nil, Stolobnyi Island

1910: Woman Peeling Vegetables

1910: Study of Three Generations, Zlatoust

1911: Alim Khan, Emir Of Bukhara

1912: Self Portrait Of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii

1915: Austro-Hungarian POWs In Russia

1932: Ladies Home Journal, Swimsuit Layout

1936: Boy With Cookies

1936: Cream Of Wheat, Boys Playing Football

1937: Woman In Flowered Hat (McCall Magazine Photo)

1938: Lambert Gardens, Portland, Oregon

1938: Man At Letterbox

1939: McCall Homemaking Cover

1939: Square Dancing, McIntosh, Oklahoma

1939: Father Jurney, Miami Beach, Florida

1939: Orchestra At A Square Dance, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

1940: Homesteaders In Pie Town, New Mexico

1940: Children Gathering Potatoes In Aroostook County, Maine

1940: Farm Security Administration Cooperative, Louisiana

1940: Homesteaders In Pie Town, New Mexico

1940: Children In The Tenement District, Brockton, Massachussetts

1940: Homesteaders Eating Barbeque At The New Mexico Fair

1940: Juke Joint, Melorse, Louisiana

1940: Fish For Sale, Natchitoches, Lousiana

1940: McCall Magazine, Homemaking Cover, Knitting Lesson

1940: Emmet Flynn On The Set Of “Arizona”

1941: American Airlines Stewardess On Lake Michigan Shore

1941: Vermont State Fair

1941: Students at Washington High School Training For The War Effort, Los Angeles

1941: A Saturday Trip Into Town, Greene County, Georgia

1941: Children Aiming Sticks As Guns, Washington, D.C.

1941: Chopping Cotton On Rented Land, White Plains, Georgia

1941: Ironing

1941: Shulman's Market, Union Street, Washington, D.C.

1941: Pink Sun Suit On Promontory Rocks

1941: Friends At Promontory Point

1941: Ringling Brothers And Barnum And Bailey

1941: Fulton Market, New York

1941: Barker At The State Fair, Rutland, Vermont

1942: Barrage Balloon, South Carolina

1942: Two Female Employees Of North American Aviation Assembling A P-51 Fighter Plane

1942: Worker At The Douglas Aircraft Company Assembles A Navy Bomber

1942: M3 Tank Training Exercises, Fort Knox, Kentucky

1942: Building A Model Airplane, Robstown, Texas

1942: Young Boy In Cincinnati

1942: Beecher Street School, Southington, Connecticut

1942: Servicing An A-20 Bomber, Langley Field, Virginia

1942: M-4 Tank Crews, Fort Knox, Kentucky

1942: Assembly Worker At Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California

1942: Army Test Pilot, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California

1942: Carpenter At Work On Douglas Dam, Tennessee

1942: Portable Soft Drink Stand, Bowling Green, New York

1942: Douglas A-20C-BO Havoc, Langley Field, Virginia

1943: Rosie The Riveter

1943: Rural School Children, San Augustine County, Texas

1943: A Welder At The Rip Tracks, Chicago

1943: Girl In Rain (McCall Magazine Cover)

1943: Female Worker At the Vultee-Nashville, Tennessee, Assembles A Vultee “Vengeance” Dive Bomber

1945: Whitman Chocolates, Easter Hat

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An update:

#37 - Shulman's Market is now Dalia's Porn Emporium. They have all the latest porn mags as well and viewing booths in the back.
Enter your name 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
This is one of the best posts
I concur
HaHa 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#29 Diego Maradona grandfather..
ALeach 7 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#23. It's a shame their oldest boy was so open about being a cross dresser.
old timer 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
i grew up in these times and by god it was a better time men were actually men, women were prettier and god dang it negroes were more well behaved and were good slaves!

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