How to Make Star Wars' Toast

13 Jul 2011

Enter your name 9 year s ago wonder you americunts get so fat, eating "bread" like that. That stuff is close to pure sugar.
Enter your name 9 year s ago
WTF #1 ?! Troll spotted
Enter your name 9 year s ago
Well, when the country strugles with a population where 40% of the ppl are obese, white bread is not the solution.....
Enter your name 9 year s ago
I always laugh at how much time and effort people put into anti American comments. I bet whatever country they're from gets tons of American aide....hey Europe how's that Euro Dollar working out?
jub 9 year s ago
@ comment #4
Hey, America, how's the debt going ?
Hey, America, The Euro is still more valuable than the Dollar.
Hey, America, you're a country made entirely of immigrants. The only 'Americans' are the Amerindians you people seem to dislike.
Hey, America, American Capitalization is not aid.
P.S. aid != aide
Enter your name 9 year s ago
Haha @JUB!
So true! What they think is real is often just from their media propaganda trying to convince them that america is so great.
The thing is that of all the countries I have been to, america was the most controlled, poorest police state I ever seen but with the FOX news (give it 5 min and you´ll see) and others will make them think that their way is the best and that all of us want nothing else than to be american. Sad really..
Enter your name 9 year s ago
Hey americans, Norway here, do you know we got hundreds of ppl each year from america, trying to marrige norwegians so they can get their norwegian citizenship, oh wait, like the mexiacans are doing in america? haha, americans are to us, what mexiacans are to you :D
And norway does not get tons of american "aide", we did once, like 70 years ago.
Wake up and smell the coffee, be happy you got Obama in controll, and lets all pray (since all americans belive in god, and that the earth is 6000 years old etc etc etc....enlightened ppl....) that he cane save you all from the capitalistic hole you managed yo dig your self into :)
Greeting from Norway, with free school, university, hospital and more welfare/social solidarity. And yeah, all of us get minimum 5 week paid vacation every year, all of us, no matter if you work on a trash car or are a surgon, we all get it.
And America is still better then Europe? ;)
lobo 9 year s ago
relax it's just a piece of bread with darth vader on it
lolzz 9 year s ago
Europe rulezz!! But next year holiday is in America!!

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