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10 Aug 2011


Of course, celebrities know nothing about such an advertising campaign. It’s not talked about on the web, it’s not broadcasted on the radio or TV set.
Some traffickers just use famous faces known or accused of taking drugs in the past to improve their sales. This is pretty sad, because young people like to become fans of well-known movie stars and singers. They copy their style; know all the news and rumors about the celebrity and dream of becoming that person they believe the famous star is. And if celebs have a heroin addiction, their fans might like to try drugs as well.
What can it lead to? You know the answer…
Sadly, a happy ending happens rarely, as not every addict has enough will and inner power to cure and completely recover from his or her disease.
I just hope that celebs start to think more about their younger fans and their feelings.

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lolzz 9 year s ago
MrTroll 9 year s ago
more like a win
Sneha 8 year s ago
Liltitz is smack in the middle of Amish Country in Lancaster,Pa. I know the area well. The King @ Queen might have irarved by horse and buggy. Zeke and Rebecca must have been the talk of the prom in their Amish garb. Zeke in his black home made suit with wide rim Amish hat.Rebecca,simply stunning in her black dress with purple sash,held together by straight pins from neck line to knee.You all ever get down wind of an Amish farmer after he's been a toilin in the fields for 10-12 hours? Hopefully Zeke used some of that home made lye soap that grandma been fussin about. After the Prom Zeke and Rebecca went out behind the barn and had some of that white lightnin' pa been brewin up n'er 6 months now.Probably used then fancy city folks shot glasses. No tellin what Zeke and Rebecca did after that moonshine Maybe them there straight pins got loose or something. Reckon,them there young ones had them a hootin,hollerin time there in Lilitz,PA.

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