khendar 10 year s ago
Yeah what better way to commemorate a man who didn't like being photographed than to carve his visage into one of his people's sacred mountains ?
Enter your name 10 year s ago
yea, really...its almost like he's being trolled after he's long gone....problem, Crazy Horse?
gigantes 10 year s ago
that may be true, but times have changed. i think such a work is perfectly appropriate for today's day and age, sends a positive message, and is a worthy project & piece of art.

then again, if the modern lakota as a group objected to this work, i would respect their wishes.
wiki it 10 year s ago
commissioned by Native Americans in order to contrast the rape of the black mountains via Mt. Rusmore.

I was there and went to the museum and the tour.
Lotta 1 year ago
I think it is going to be beautiful when finished, and is a wonderful tribute to Crazy Horse and his people. WHY do modern day Lakota feel they should be heard louder than the one who commissioned the project, the tribal Chief? They should not in my opinion. These are days when a bunch of young people complain about everything, some older ones as well. If they want to be taken seriously, then choose a different and separate time to draw attention to your own specific complaints, not on the coattails of radicals in the country who just want to destroy everything, including the country.
Crazy Horse may have been camera shy, but he is long gone now. His tribe still remains though, and it is things like his statue on the mountain that will be there long after you all are dead and gone, but the story will live on through him. That is of course unless many of you useless and worthless people out there choose to destroy that as well! There are thousands of statues carved into mountains in this world, most of them very old. So old in fact, that without the mountain statues still being there, we would have had no idea of anything about those people, as they are long gone. That is what history is all about. Whether that history is good or bad in any one persons mind, it is STILL history, and deserves to remain as a reminder, either good or bad, well into the future, hundreds, even thousands of years from now. Stop being so selfish, and look outside the box, and into the distant future, and the education of people then.

Crazy Horse was the Oglala Lacota leader in the USA. He fought against the Federal government to protect the way of life of the Lakota people. He was wounded and died in 1877, but he has become one of the most notable and iconic of Native American tribal members in the American history.

The Largest Mountain-Sized Statue in the World