wow 9 year s ago
Way to go!
I hope you all keep pushing harder! because month after month the creators of your crisis get their millionary salary with no problem, if not, for example someone that all of us know, bill gates, how its possible that retired of microsoft in the middle of the crisis e recover the number one position of richest man on earth?. Think about it, and he is the only one i mentioned because we know him. Doesnt mean that he is responsable of this but... .

There is not revolution without revolutionaries
AndyOfBeaverton 9 year s ago
No, Bill Gates is not responsible for this. Without Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, would we have the advancements in technology that we do? How many millionaires and billionaires have Gates and Jobs created? How many of these same people purchased goods and services that stimulated job growth? How many of these people who benefited from these new millionaires and billionaires, created their own businesses that stimulated even more job growth.
But people like you, without a proper education in economics, think that millionaires and billionaires should give all their money to the government. Haven't you noticed with all of Obama's failed stimulus plans that have cost our Treasury trillions, have done NOTHING to help the economy?
Go ahead, tax the rich. Tell me when you find a job from a poor person.
Maybe if you expanded your mind beyond incomplete theories like Darwinism, you could understand REAL life a bit better.
Fenrisulven 9 year s ago
The world is a rotten place that stinks a lot. One of the worst smells can be found in wall street... The world will be less rotten if that part is cut away.
#5 So true... I cant believe the stock markets are run by grownups.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
ALeach 9 year s ago
#1 I guess the protests have officially left the grassroots status.

#21 Like Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner in Obamas cabinet? He came from Sachs after breaking the company.
GOODSTUFF4U 9 year s ago
tracking this stuff
Manic Planner 9 year s ago
AndyofBeaverton. If you believe that Gates and Jobs are personally responsible for innovation then you are remarkably ill-informed.

Billionaires spend proportionately little of their income. Poor people spend everything they get. More poor people start businesses than the rich do - the overwhelming bulk of jobs in the USA are in small businesses, most of which struggle to survive. It is poor people that keep the economy going. The rich just scoop off the cream.

You show no sign of the economics education that you claim to value, you muppet.
AndyOfBeaverton 9 year s ago
Did I say, "Gates and Jobs are personally responsible for innovation". Speak about being ill-informed, you seem to have a comprehension problem!
I agree that "Billionaires spend proportionately little of their income", but only compared to the poor and middle class. If you new any of these people you would know that they invest most of their money either back into their business or into other businesses.
"More poor people start businesses than the rich do" Only in numbers not percentages. The rest of your paragraph is just nuts and has absolutely no connection to real life.
"You show no sign of the economics education that you claim to value, you muppet." You have proven in your second paragraph that you are woefully uneducated on economics. If you wish to share degrees, SATs and IQ, I would love to know how someone so smart like you can be so ignorant. I have a history of posting on economic issues here. but under the name "Andy from Beaverton". Prove me wrong on any previous post if you can.
aasdfas 9 year s ago
sooo... where's the news coverage?
Sigh 9 year s ago
What a bunch of childish idiots screaming for people to pay for everything so they can enjoy life without contributing. Pathetic.
jeroen 9 year s ago
all those millionaires are creating jobs in vietnam and china, not in the states. Neither are they in europe. so tax them! I see so many jobs go to India to incompetent people. Our company offshores.. they need 5 Indians to do one dutch FTE. and still they do a bad job.
US of Dollars 9 year s ago
AndyBeaverhead, if you had a point to make, you would make it where it counts and not spend your time trolling the comments section on a humour site.
wow 9 year s ago
wow! man im lil bit late but in response to AndyOfBeaverton, i want to believe that in your desire to write all that you forgot to READ my comment appropriate and carefully because if not, we face a problem of interpretation of texts. Because I made it clear that Bill Gates, my example was not part of the problem, and he was an known example of increase of richness in a deep crisis.
So how do i know now if i get in your economic debate i will get an response from someone who claim to know about economics but aparently has an issue interpreting text with contexts, wich it makes me think, what did he understands of what he read. Where this will lead us?.
Toabm 9 year s ago
In rebuttal to both of your poor arguments:
You both have small penises.
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