orendadude 9 year s ago
Execellent dump. Unfortunatly these fine people will not get their wish. Any and all mechinisms that would be needed to effect change for all are controlled bu the 1%. For example the occupy wall street protest gets very little media coverage. Now who owns the media. Im all for equality and redistribution but nothing short of a slaughter will even get the 99%s attention and the bulk of the 1% could care less.
Steve 9 year s ago
I bet none of them would give me any money to get me out of debt since I lost my job.
JimJams 9 year s ago
They are the 1%. However they are likely also the 1% within that 1% that wish to be taxed more.
AIHIDF 9 year s ago
Why stop there? Why not redistribute everything? Then we will all be equal. Pure communism.
Africanus 9 year s ago
Easy enough to claim to be part of the 1%, though one wonders how many of them actually are.

However, if they actually cared, they would not need to wait to be taxed. Anyone can give donations to people in need or to charitable organisations. That does not require government regulation, just caring.
orendadude 9 year s ago
Well interesting comment about communism. Generally its the better off that tend to bring up words like socialism and communism. It scares the masses. However if you are one of the hundreds of thousands in America who have lost their home, job and future and have a family they can't feed or clothe, I bet you don't care what "ism" they use as long as you can live with some dignity.
luliver resident 8 year s ago
The hundreds of thousand in America who have lost their home and job, have lost their home and their job due to the socialist policies of the Obama administration. The environmental regulation that prevented coal-fired power plants, the regulation of the health market through Obamacare, the taxation that was supposed to only hit "the rich" is what caused not so rich people to lose their jobs and homes. It's tax cuts - for the poor and the rich - and capitalism what could bring their jobs and homes and dignity back.
Jersey Petey 9 year s ago
It's all "pie in the sky," kids. Nothing changes....really.
Here's the deal: I'm not poor. I'm broke. Broke is a condition, poor is a state of mind.
stinkbomer 9 year s ago
1st world problems
GOODSTUFF4U 9 year s ago
IDIOTS - enough said

wow 9 year s ago
Hahaha they are not the 1% that everyone are talking about, as i read they are people with luck and an good and wealthy life.
But the really 1% that everyone of us talk about wont show their faces, and they are who have more power that "the most powerful man in the world" in this case Obama. Think about it, the popular "system" that we see in movies, we are living it right now, they manage to infiltrate and corrupt people in key positions to create conditions to activate and implement the mechanism of the system for example, go to war and profit as we all know from oil to batteries for night vision googles. From fraud and collapste the bank system, and with the help of consultants and lobbyists (Remember key positions) who no one voted, decide to GIVE taxpayers money to banks without modifying the contracts that give big bonuses (golden parachutes) and checks for the money will only go where it is.

Finally the system are corrupt, lobbyst in the congress, tea party, consultans who advice to the President and Commander in Chief!!!! you need to digg deeper, these people are just people with no influence in the system, they are just like us when we score a home run, they just did nothing else.
dutch dude 9 year s ago
I belong to the 1%, I don't give a fuck about the 99%
Enter your name 9 year s ago
The 1% are the people who hold trilions , unimaginable sums of money in circulation ,one public figure is Rockafeller (monoplised oil in america at the turn of the century and now is involved in banking) the rest are not known...thy could be shareholders of coca cola , nestle , banks rtc mostly gigant corporations...
24FPS 9 year s ago
If these folks are for real, they can simply GIVE a bunch of their money to the government as a gift.
AndyOfBeaverton 9 year s ago
By the look of the cheap signs, cheap jewelry, cheap clothes and cheap interior furnishings in the photos, I doubt any of these people are in the 1%.

If these people really wanted to pay down the debt, write a check to:

Attn Dept G
Bureau of the Public Debt
P. O. Box 2188
Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

Here are the total contributions to this fund over the past ten years:

2011 $3,000,881.19
2010 $2,840,466.75
2009 3,063,057.05
2008 2,189,358.89
2007 2,624,862.42
2006 1,646,209.41
2005 1,455,541.65
2004 664,911.25
2003 1,277,423.40
2002 744,675.06
2001 1,645,082.28
fdfd 9 year s ago
So if even half of the top 1% are with us 99%! Fuck the 0,5% making all suffer, 0,5% should be fucking scared, we are after you now.
AndyOfBeaverton 9 year s ago
I'm sure your parents are very proud of you. I see a future leader in you, one like Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot and Castro. Do you always threaten people?

Don't you realize that you are probably in the top 10% of wealth when counted against the rest of the world? Are you ready to share your wealth with them?
Enter your name 9 year s ago
take their trust funds

they wont miss the money
NM 9 year s ago
Fun fact: No matter how much money you give the government, or who it belonged to, they'll just piss it away. Start worrying more about what your tax money is spent on and who it goes to, and not who it comes from. That's the only way we're going to get out of debt.
deafdog 9 year s ago
so why give it to the government? start a business and hire people. wow... maybe even a "green" business. buy starter homes and set the rent by percentage of income. giving money to the government to pay down it's debt when individual debt is still the problem it is still sounds crazy to me. some friends of mine opened a coffeehouse. managed it without drawing a salary while living off of their investments. paid a staff to work there. allowed the premises to be used for countless community action groups, classes, etc. think outside the box...
Sigh 9 year s ago
Bunch of greedy, envious infants. Grow up and earn your own money, make your own way and stop demanding everyone give you everything. I understand you grew up with everyone coddling your self esteem and protecting you from failure and hardship. I get that you graduated from 4th grade and got an award for coming in "second" in softball, but this is the real world. Grow up.
reddragon 9 year s ago
fuck off americans...the world hates u.
a 9 year s ago
Just because you got your education paid by your parents, it doesn't place you in the top 1%...
linhardt 9 year s ago
When did America lose its aspirational views and become a nation of victims?

HTFU and make your own destiny. If you can't improve your own like then make darn sure your children are educated. That is what the europeans did when they came here at the turn of the century.

I give to worthy charities and you can too, but government programs are highly wasteful and generally have deleterious affects.
mali22 9 year s ago
These guys are not really the 1% though, are they...
2Cool4Ice 9 year s ago
they look more like the ugly 99% of the world
Bubba 9 year s ago
Self-entitled LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 1% Call for Wealth Redistribution to the 99%