Norm101 10 year s ago
Somebody is going to die a virgin...
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
@ Norm101

Such a cliché comment. Glad to see you've been so well raised by society. The fact that you are or aren't a virgin determines your level of happiness and your level of accomplishment. Yup. Sure. Of course. Really. Yeah. Get my sarcasm, I've been told some people have a problem with it unless it reaches a sardonic level. By the way, no, he's not going to die a virgin.

On topic, though, awesome. Simply.. awesome. GIEF!
koowilliams 10 year s ago
to have a hobby and to enjoy it doesn't mean one is not a family man...
Norm101 10 year s ago
When someone spends that much money on a hobby that would take a ridiculous amount of time to pursue, I would guarantee he doesn't have a relationship. His relatioship IS his hobby.

Please note the shitty apartment and furniture. Not a chance in hell he is dating anyone.
einsib 10 year s ago
Would you say the same thing about someone who buys old cars and fixes them up? Or is that a hobby more suitable for attracting women using your well thought out system of male virgin detection?
Norm101 10 year s ago
Someone who buys and fixes cars obviously has the money for his hobby. The second-hand furniture here belies a level of expenditure that is unsustainable.
Dreth 10 year s ago
You try fetching all the prices for these peripherals, consoles and games in good condition and tell me you don't need money.

You keep failing at proving your point.
Norm101 10 year s ago
LOL keep trying to make him look like he's a social butterfly. Again, you are really sensitive about this. Can we stop pretending he's got a girlfriend?

Maybe, you should find the source of these images and prove me wrong, or are you just going to sit there and whine some more???
Gross. 10 year s ago
Whether or not he has a girlfriend is irrelevant. You're the one who somehow saw it necessary to make a comment like that which "belies" your own immaturity. Saying that they're whining now? Come now.

Did you forget there are female gamers who would appreciate something like that? No, I don't think you even thought about anything before you made that mindless unnecessary comment. You're backing it up with nonsense, too. It doesn't take up all of your time to collect games. In the first place, he'd need money to buy them. Where do you think he gets it from? A job. What's at a workplace? OTHER PEOPLE INCLUDING WOMEN. You're acting as though it's the most timeconsuming thing in the world. In regards to the furniture, maybe he doesn't give a sh*t about furniture. I don't have the newest car, but it runs and I see no need to replace something that still works when I could spend that money on things I actually do like to do.

I bet there's a lot of "virgins" (by your definition, people who do what they love regardless of how much it'll get them in the future) who are much happier than you will ever be.

Enjoy your stereotypical materialistic woman in your stereotypical "lawyer/doctor" job or whatever other job I assume you'd get just because it makes a lot of money and not because it makes you happy.
Norm101 10 year s ago
MY wife thought your post was funny too. And she agrees that not only did I hit a nerve, but any guy who buys himself stuffed animals probably does so because he is alone.

She and I still play Halo online, so this isn't, nor has it ever been against "gamers" despite what you are trying to say.

You, dear boy, are projecting your own insecurities and trying to defend this guys'. And THAT IS laughable!! LOL
Enter your name 10 year s ago
im married and trying to build same room as this guy have dose this make me virgin? and i have been collecting games since i was 9 yrs and i am now 23. its just a hubby.
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
She thought it was funny? I thought opposites attract. Guess you 2 are the exception from the rules.

You both are narrow minded and have weak, superficial and herd-like tastes.

Don't you see you're the only one here that~ .. Nevermind.

Keep your thoughts to yourself. Go see your shrink and tell him how you LOL'd and how u LyourFAO. Tell him how you and your petty wife are right, and how everyone else is wrong.

Go back to your normal life, your career and your family, so that once you move on (not necessarily die), everyone will forget about ya.

I'm trying to get rid of any thoughts that invoke you. You should do the same about me.
Norm101 10 year s ago
Oh I'm not the only one here. Keep telling yourself that. The editors certainly share my views, hence the hoverhands "virgin" posts.

But apparently you have NO sense of humor. LOL

Man, you are such a sensitive little thing aren't ya? Wow.
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
There are more mods that post, not just 1. Hence the name of this post: not 'virgins ahoy', rather 'awesome gaming room'.

And I've a sense of humor. I just don't like toilet humor. Like your life.
Norm101 10 year s ago
Oh goodness, I have a "toilet humor" life? Are you mentally retarded? Actually, if you knew how to read it doesn't say "Awesome gaming room".

Is wittle virgin baby all sad and upset? Gonna go cry into your stuffed animals? Name calling? See I can do it too. So anything that hurts your sensitive feelings is toilet humor? LOL

I'm really starting to feel sorry for you. You went from douchebag to pathetic faster than I could type. Seriously, are you just some loser troll? Are you a virgin? Is this YOUR room?
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
Insane Retro Game Room.

There, I stand corrected. You are right for the first time since you started being an asshat. I'm sorry this was the only thing you could come up with.

Please, assfag, let's not get into starting calling names. I could call you a clowntard or somewhat, but what'd be the point?

And I'm glad you seem to know the concept of 'douchebag'.

I'm sorry if I hurt you by pointing out the cold truth.

And yes. By all standards, by everything you've posted, by the way you make arguments etc, you do live a toilet humor life. I don't think you really grasp the whole concept of that insult.

You didn't answer my question regarding the introspection. Do you really know what it means?

I wish it were my room, though.
einsib 10 year s ago
I'm sorry his furniture isn't up to your standards. I still don't see what money has to do with this at all.
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
Please note that one can have a hobby and a family. Also, please note that your ideal woman has to love your furniture.

ALSO, YET AGAIN, please note that you're trying to insult someone by telling him he's a virgin. That makes sense. Your dictated values are more important than the values of someone else.

Your whole arguments are about people who stand out. You probably have the most normal life the normal man could have. I guess that's where Norm might come from.

Don't hate someone just 'cause he's better than you at his hobby / relationship. And since when is a family the standard for a high valued human being? There are issues involved, regardless of the post we're commenting on that have to do with YOUR OBJECTIVE point of view.
Norm101 10 year s ago
Wow, must have hit a nerve here. Somebody is SUPER sensitive about this... LOL Wonder why?
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
Yes, you did hit a nerve.

Your guess is as wrong as your virginity statement.

Narrow headed people annoy me badly.
Norm101 10 year s ago
Oh, OK, I'm SURE it is just narrow minded people. I was a virgin once too.
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
So was everyone except those that die a virgin. You are narrow minded.

You've never had a chance to have an introspection, have ya?
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
One last thing. I swear to existing and non-existing gods that this is my last comment here. This is getting terribly stupid.

You can only hurt people by telling them they're virgins. Wow. Know what I think about that ? You were a virgin until not so long ago. Thereafter, the wife.

Moving forward, I'll put it bluntly: you seem DUMB. As in the typical meaning of the word DUMB. As in you get your head caught in between doors because you forget about its existence.

I'm really tired of you and your stupid arguments.

All you've proven to me is that you're trying to act mature, because you've a family and a career, and that gives you that right. You haven't learned shit from life. There are lessons everywhere, you know. You merely glide through life, pretending to open your eyes, thus believing you've made it so, so far.

Want to know another truth? I'm happy. You're not. Have an introspection or two. Go see a shrink, a real one.

And, to end it all, I'm going to repeat a previous statement: who in the whole world will remember you? WHO? No one. You will be forgotten before you die. It hurts, right?
orendadude 10 year s ago
Diablo 2...loved that game. Still play it from time to time. I do have to agree with norm101 though. There is enjoying something and then there is obsessing about something. This sorry fucker probably hasn't seen the light of day in ages. His life is his hobby (obsession). I don't know alot of women that are into that.
GOODSTUFF4U 10 year s ago
so clean ... no Dude would clean a house like that - LOL
lolzz 10 year s ago
I have that too.. But without the museum part! I have Nintendo 1, Wii, Ps2, Ps3 and SEGA 16bit

And I have a broken Ps1 but who cares?
Haikiri 10 year s ago
3rd, I Have that too... When I was kid I din't had it, so since I started to make my own money I bought Nintendo64, PS1 5001 (Best ps1), Fat PS2, PSP, xbox360, PS3, Sega, Dynacon (8bit), Atari, SuperNintendo, Wii, Zeboo, my LapTop can run l4d2 with steam and My PC can run anything with VGA GfNV9800GT.

Against the fake idea of gamers alone, I have a girlfriend from college and I play l4d2 with another girl from my city and I never repeated any class.

I almost forgot, I bought a RC helicopter with 4ch and I do'nt just buy that stuff, I finished a lot of games and still enough time feel that sometimes there is nothing to do. =/
Enter your name 10 year s ago
Amiga 500 is missing !!
ptpie 10 year s ago
only game I ever played was Comander Keen. old eh?
NM 10 year s ago
I have a pretty big collection of games myself, but not nearly this big. I've sold most of my old systems and games over the years simply because my friends and I get tired of playing the same old games over and over again, although I have hung on to my PS2 and 70+ games for it, and my SNES.
Putting "collector's editions" in a lighted case is a little over the top for me though. Maybe if they were signed by the devs or something.
Peanut 10 year s ago
Norm 101...don't get your knickers in a knot. Who cares whether he is a 'social butterfly'. If his games make him happy, then good for him. I'm also sure there is a girl or two out there for him. After all, you found something to marry.

The furniture may be moderately priced, which doesn't make it garbage. It is well cared for and polished. Kudos to him for looking after his stuff.
Enter your name 10 year s ago
awesomely organized.
ps3 player 10 year s ago
the thread statement is a lie.

Where's god of war 3?
Enter your name 10 year s ago
LOL at the first post.
just look at your picture

You have glasses so you must be a NERD and a virgin
You look like a fatass so you must be a loser with women and a virgin
you look mexican so how about you go mow a lawn

If you can stereotype I can too.
Reza 9 year s ago
Oh god the things i'd do to have a retro collection like that...
Insane Retro Game Room