gigantes 9 year s ago
if you're religious, i'd recommend not thinking about this too much...
Fenrisulven 9 year s ago
I just had to rate this comment up.
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
Ins 9 year s ago
But we're not monkeys anymore, are we? Reach for it - or die trying or any number of more rational options would do.
Enter your name 9 year s ago
But if you think about it for a moment; the reason as to why it is done that way persists.

What you are advocating is essentially that we should repeat the mistakes of our forebears, just because we are ill educated.
mm 9 year s ago
You could think also another way. Youth, and people in general, were brainwashed in nazi Germany to think that jews were bad people. If no-one questioned that idea, germans would be still doing what they do best: killing jews. "Because, that's the way things are done around here." And yes. We are still monkeys. Culture, morals and other neat things are just cheap paint over our basic nature. Scratch the surface a little and you'll see. Science, culture's side-effect, shows it to us very eagerly, if you are willing to search for answers. I almost forgot to add that nowadays 60% of 14-18 year old german youth don't know what holocaust means. Funny, huh? And let's not forget indians, aramese and other people who were unlucky to be too weak. Even here in Finland, there's been some similar shit going on in the faraway past and I don't even remember what was it! All I can say is that it's best to keep your eyes open and make your own rules, like Nietzsche suggested. And Darwin.
Tom 9 year s ago
As a scientist I can't help but ask 'Where are the references to this allegedly scientific experiment? Not that I think there isn't any value to it.
koowilliams 9 year s ago
if the monkeys have some sort of communication, they would have explain to the new monkey as to why he can't take the bananas... there's always a reason behind rules, whether or not the reason is stupid is another issue... but those people who say "i don't know, that's how things work around here" are just ignorant asshole... don't work or partner with these type of people, they'll screw things up and tell you "i dunno how it happened"
jexsen 9 year s ago
so truth inside this post, i think its real and no fake, humans are stupid, some of us are smart, but this only a small amount
Enter your name 9 year s ago
The ones who soaked the monkeys were humans who tried to spread hate between the monkeys. This only teaches me how a few "clever" men work hard to spread hate amongst others. Poor monkeys.
Tarzan 9 year s ago
MagnAxiom 9 year s ago
Hello, Monkeys... just knock the ladder over!
LOL, I know, I'm too funny...
piky 9 year s ago
we are human, and we kick someone if he is trying to make us a cold shower just for him to get that banana
Narcotics 9 year s ago
I'm human, and i've never heard a beating with that answer,, idk that's how things....'' . on second tought, i heard this one,, Life is complicated , i killed people, smuggled people, sold people, want to get out of this nicely''. Maybe scientits are just writing, never helping developing the subject like they did in past. They want just to discover, to take notes. This? this is a story about 5 monkeys on one side of the surface, and several monkeys taking notes. Nevermore!
jubyp0b 9 year s ago
This doesn't teach me how to think out of the box. On the contrary. Several reasons are behind my logic:

1. People nowadays try so hard to be rebellious that being normal is abnormal.

2. I've the perfect counter-example. Why don't people go inside radio-active zones? Because it's dangerous. So why do something that is dangerous? Thus, the monkeys beating the monkey that goes up the ladder.

3. This refers to masses vs one individual. The masses get soaked in water, whilst the individual gets the bananas. The cause is the individual. I see no reason why the mass should put up with the individuals unorthodox and anti-social behavior.

4. People always wanted rational explanations. Thus, if this is referring to either politics or religion, guess what? Political and religious figures have always been charismatic. They could (or rather, should) convince you otherwise.

5. Don't you see how this appeals to the masses? Don't you see you're being sucked in the 'don't think like everyone else, think in a unique manner! like me! and everyone else!'
Narcotics 9 year s ago
No. Things went like this since we don't know when! that's the true and reliable story. Nothing to discover on this point of viewing. we are different, we just play on different yards. That we make things look beautifull ? verry funny, cruelty was an honnor, honnor is a sin! We make sins , we don't need that thing on top of the stairs! The monkey sold them, they didn't let him do that! Remember:There were times untill one time , people didn't even thinked like monkeys! Today, we say we can't compare things, but we do it anyway! Think about the bullshit that the guy uppon me smells about ! it's better.
jubyp0b 9 year s ago
@ Narcotics

Huh? What? WTF? What the hell are you trying to say? I didn't understand shit from what you've written.

I would have said it was google translated, but the mistakes you've made wouldn't be on Google Translate.

WTF !?
Narcotics 9 year s ago
no, it's not even a single mistake. I must say that people for other countries wich natal language is not English, knows and speaks the language MUCH BETTER than the ones who uses it daily, but that's just my point of viewing. I wanted to say little child, that People that you talk about aren't even close to ,, monkeybussiness'' , that fact you told me is just the View on top of the stairs , sitting near them bannanas' . You must be with them on the bottom of the stairs to understand the true meanings. it's something much more obvious than you think. Google translate know's about first language , not the real language, if that information helps you, it's good. Hope you understand my non-daily written English. Bye
jubyp0b 9 year s ago
@ Narcotics

I'm not a 'natal' English speaker. Nor do I understand what the fuck you're trying to say.

It's not just the lazy English. It's the lazy coherence in what you're trying to communicate. You don't seem able to put your ideas in order inside your tiny crappy brick head.
Kingro31 9 year s ago
Nothing wrong with a shower and a drink with your banana
Alpham 9 year s ago
I can smell bullshit
Curious Monkey Experiment