matei 10 year s ago
very cool. many thanks!
qwed 10 year s ago
No reference to aperture science ?
Orlando 10 year s ago
Include religion as a bullshit medium too.
Hmmm 10 year s ago
Very cool!
Undetectable 10 year s ago
If you oppose religion to science, you probably don't know much about either.
Beer 10 year s ago
> If you oppose religion to science, you probably don't know much about either.

Religious people often do. "Do you believe in this evolution theory?" - they say - "But why do you think it is still only a theory after so many years? Because it is bullshit! Better believe our creationist god."
They miss this little point, that unlike religion, science is not a matter of belief, it's a matter of studying facts and trying to systematize them.
gigantes 10 year s ago
i believe in science and natural law before all else, but let's be realistic-- science is also the main lever that is tearing civilisation apart. it's irresponsible use has led to many problems spiraling out of control, such as overpopulation, massive pollution, depletion of natural resources, global climate change, ocean acidification, growing immunity of pathogens, etc.

we live like kings due to science, and that's all well and good as long as we're honest enough to admit to ourselves that civilisation is now on the verge of collapsing. furthermore, with the possibility of man driving himself extinct due to the after-effects of the coming fall. in the meantime, say what you want to about primitive life and religion, but modern man lived in primitive conditions for 99% of his existence and it was a totally self-sustaining existence. we could have gone on that way indefinitely. science is the main thing that came along and changed all that.

or in the words of albert einstein- "technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."
i disagree 10 year s ago
the religion does that. the religion of money these days.
Subgroover 10 year s ago
Science is the main lever that is tearing civilisation apart?

Seriously check your history books. The amount of people killed just because of their religion... Science can't keep up with that.

Besides the irresponsible use of science, at least science also comes up with solutions. I don't see primitive life or religion do that...
gigantes 10 year s ago
those are valid points that take away nothing from my own point.

and yes, science creates many solutions. problem is, the 'solutions' always come with a price. and now we are paying those prices.
jubyp0b 10 year s ago
@ Subgroover

Sophism much? Why are people so content with using sophisms as leal arguments? What do wars based on religion have to do with the extinction of mankind due to science? One is on a much smaller scale than the other.

The irresponsible use of science is a term that merely understates the proportion of how out of touch humanity is with nature. I'm not some green activist, nor some hippie, but there are reglementations that should be forced on people, thus prolonging this planet's life.

I reckon gigantes meant humanity and all it stands for, when he used the term 'civilization'. And don't get me wrong, religion is the worst thing that can happen to a deity.

bertha_2_2 10 year s ago
science also gave us a few extra diseases.... that's thanks to greedy pharmaceutics companies, CHEERS!
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