People 11 year s ago
damn you, what is this non sense flowing from my eyeballs?
txbncntr 11 year s ago
Good Stuff.
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
#12 & #13 - he's actually taking home dinner.
samthesham 11 year s ago
Shut up REE!

This was beautiful by the way. Thank you Izi. Probably the best one
I've seen in a while.
kas 11 year s ago
A dude was missing but now no !Thanks for your cooperation!!
Energy Inn 11 year s ago
you Mr Ree are the reason why we need this kind of pics...to keep faith in humanity
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
You misunderstand me. I have faith in humanity. I faithfully believe that if possible, people will do the thing that benefits themselves the most and others the least. Some may say I'm cynical. I prefer to believe in reality and not some sort of Disney belief system.
Clyde 11 year s ago
To Mr Ree
You are cynical because it is the lowest and simplest way to think, but some people mistake cynicism for intelligence. You are cynical of other people because you project your low ideals onto their actions.
jubyp0b 11 year s ago
@ Clyde

Cynicism is the projection of low ideals onto others actions? What the fuck? WHAT THE HELL DEFINITION IS THAT?!?

First of all, cynicism is, on the contrary, one of the *harder* ways to think. It's so much easier to be optimistic and naive to the point that everything makes sense in ONE little world. That's the point of cynicism. Being objective. Not getting deluded by stupid definitions that make absolutely no sense.

Think of it this way: cynicism rejects the idea of society. Is it easier to be part of society, or be rejected by society?

And what does belief have to do with intelligence? God damn.

Projecting subjective ideals onto others actions? What? You mean to tell me that only cynics project their subjective views upon others? You mean to tell me *you* or anyone else does that?

There's a story that tells the following: each and every one of us is the major character in a different book, and the rest are just secondary characters. And that the book only ends when the main character perishes. It's a little reference to subjectiveness.

TL;DR -> Subjectiveness has nothing to do with cynicism. Don't confuse the definitions.

Clyde 11 year s ago
To jubyp0b
Talking about definitions making no sense, have you tried to read your own comment. What kind of person would think being "objective" is the same as being cynical. Just like I, said some people (obviously you are one) think being a cynic is being intelligent, it is not, it is just negativity. If being optimistic is so easy why do you post such long negative comment. You don't know much about life or people, you are obviously very young.
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
Clyde, please go back to your bible and leave the adults to discuss these matters.
Put on a "We are the World" CD to help you with your bight and cheery outlook on life.
Remember, Jesus loves you (Jesus being the hispanic drug dealer down at the bus stop).
Clyde 11 year s ago
Mr Ree
I had to sell my "We are the world CD" to pay for my last hit from the dealer at the bus stop, and I have got no bibles left. I have hocked all those as well. We must be talkin bout a different bus stop because the dealer at mine calls himself Mohamed.

Anyway Mr Ree, thank you for the reply and I am sorry for being offensive in my first reply to you.
jubyp0b 11 year s ago
@ Clyde

Ad hominem much? Learn to bring arguments that have to do with the point at hand. Don't derail.

Firstly, I've read my reply, since I like to think that they make sense. I've only replied to what you have stated along your own comment.

Secondly, I've made a mistake in the 'being objective' phrase. It should have stated 'Trying to be objective'.

And I like to consider myself as myself, not being defined by cynicism or anything else. I obviously posted a long comment on negativism and optimism (it should have stated either positivism, either pessimism, since those are their respective antonyms). Obviously. It had nothing to do with bringing counterarguments to each and one of the arguments you *tried* to use in you initial comment.

I think that I'm intelligent if I can prove that I am right in things regarding abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, reasoning, emotional knowledge, solving issues etc. But what does my intelligence have to do with the definition of cynicism? And with your pathological arrogance? I've learned the following about you: you're in your early adulthood (either that, or you're just beginning your maturity, even if you're 40). You've never had to work properly (and if you did, it had nothing to do with any kind of social behavior or it requiring you to think much, since your thoughts seem to be concise and in no particular degree of ranking). You probably lacked what you call intelligence a period of time and it has left its marks on you, since you associate intelligence with characteristics that disprove intelligence, rather than proving it.

Lastly, my ideology on life and people are biased by the media I've attended (be it books, movies, music), by the environment in which I grew up and by what I've felt because of the biology I've inherited, aka - DNA. The only difference age makes upon this ideology (at my age) is the depth of perception.

Cheers from a young, probably much older than you guy.
Clyde 11 year s ago
Rant much. You have gone off your medication haven't you.
Try counting to ten and calming down. None of this is that important. I only intend a light hearted debate for fun, don't take it so personally, even Mr Ree doesn't, and he is the one who I initially replied to.
And by the way, I turned forty sixteen years ago.
jubyp0b 11 year s ago
I haven't taken it personally, if I would, I would have ranted. Your age doesn't explain your lack of wisdom. You merely glided through life, haven't you? That would have been taking it personally.

But I actually wanted a debate as well.

I'll go get your viagra, geezer.
mm 11 year s ago
You're right, Mr.Ree...kinda. I sometimes help people, because seeing happy faces and knowing that I made them happy makes ME happy. So it benefits ME. If a child is going to get run over by a car, a mother or father would likely sacrifice themselves for that child if necessary. Why? Because living after their child is dead would be too painful FOR THEM. Every act you do is selfish in the end. It's okay for me, if people benefit because of my acts as long as I benefit too.
emm 11 year s ago
more of this plz
jaseuk 11 year s ago
What emm said ^
janer 11 year s ago
stupid ninjas cutting onions
kajinzii 11 year s ago
things we should learn from.....
but, bad guys always steal the spotlight...shhh
Wonderful 11 year s ago
Thank you for this!
Alphie 11 year s ago
Interesting that they always call it "homophobia". It's not a "phobia" because it is not based on fear. It is based on disgust. I wish they would let these fuckers get married so they can get on each others insurance plans and SHUT THE FUCK UP!
bertha_2_2 11 year s ago
best post everrrr!! It's easy to forget that sometimes, we (humans) are a bit awesome.
erfen 11 year s ago
there is hope for us, after all..
thanks izi :)
J0hn 11 year s ago
Thank you
Antypaladyn 11 year s ago
Thanks Izi! More of these please!
Ivannz 11 year s ago
MrTroll 11 year s ago
This made my day, thanks izi! : )

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