Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
I think this is a PR stunt. He doesn't really give a shit about these people.
SuckaMC 11 year s ago
Of course.... he is pure evil... and cant pull up human emotions of empathy... all because you heard him freak out once.
Dreth 11 year s ago
Beside the bitch fit he had a while ago, he doesn't strike as the caring type. It mainly originated from the idiocy of some dumb ho on Facebook that decided to pass around the most absurd and childish request ever since the "pass it on or you'll die" chainmails..
silly rabbi 11 year s ago
I think is asked, he would give them a shit. He impresses me as the type of guy that would shit for you if asked.
odd321 11 year s ago
Who gives a sh*t?
I mean, he did it because he felt the need to obviously.
Put yourself in his situation. Who's saying they wouldn't feel like they would need to do the same?
Who the hell are you to judge him?
Did you go out there to pay your respects?

If i could, i would.
And guess what?
He did. He can do whatever he wants.
"Just because somebody suggested it on Facebook,
it must be that he did it to get attention."
So the f*ck what if somebody suggested it on facebook?
Does that make it a bad idea?
For those of you who think that this was for attention, This gallery of photos obviously wasn't for you, so why the f*ck comment on it?
Nobody gives a sh*t what you think.
At all.
Go to a site that is dedicated to pointing out how this is a "PR" stunt and comment.
Dreth 11 year s ago
You and your girly-tantrum seem to give a shit.

Guess you're a 'nobody'.
odd321 11 year s ago
You are absolutely 100% right Dreth.
I do give a shit. Never said i didn't.
Because i respect what the guy did.

I'm sorry.
What i meant to say was
"who gives a shit what people think of this, if they got nothing better to do than talk shit."
But hey, your the expert on him, right Dreth?
I'm sure he doesn't give a shit about anyone right?
He doesn't seem like he's the "caring" type?
Do you have a reason, or are you just speaking out your ass to try and sound intelligent?

That's the main problem with arguing with people like you on the internet.
They never really make a valid point to what they think.
They just think what they do, and have no real reason.
Nothing but a sh*t talker.
I'de rather be a nobody, than scum like you.
I pity you.
Dreth 11 year s ago
I think someone that goes out of their way to defend someone they will never meet and has no idea what is going on through his mind, be it positive or negative, falls into the criteria of "shit talker".

Think about it, you've made two retarded haikus for this guy based on what could be an act of kindness, but coming from a Hollywood persona it could be exactly the opposite.

But no, you know him personally so I guess defending him makes me less informed and prone to just "talk shit". You're, after all, feeling pity for someone online because they disagree with you on what some pointless actor is doing on the other side of the world.

Woefully, the shit talking scum nobody that doesn't share your optimism about Bale.
odd321 11 year s ago
You're still commenting on this post?
Dude, i'm over it.
I don't even give a sh*t anymore.
I sent that sh*t a week ago.
I'm not going to argue with a pathetic person like you.
Whatever you say, you are spot on.
A worthless person like you, your opinion means nothing.
If you want to keep commenting, you go right ahead.
You'll be talking to yourself DRETH.lol.

Your blog sucks, and you look like a f*cking loser on facebook.

Take care.
Dreth 11 year s ago
You came back. You replied. You went to my blog. You went to my Facebook.

And you "don't even give a shit anymore".

Could you be any more contradictory?
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