ALeach 10 year s ago
Tear them all down and plant some trees. That would help stimulate the Detroit economy. Construction and landscape jobs for a year.
Member 10 year s ago
Why do they leave places like this? Hard for me to understand.
Harmless 10 year s ago
Well you see around the 60's (don't quote me on that) black people started move North and Detroit was where they made cars. Car manufacturer's did not discriminate, so that's why there were a lot of black folks moving there. Eventually there was a black mayor elected. The white population in Detroit had a big problem with this and started moving to the suburbs. So unlike other cities where the suburbs eventually become part of the city, it did not occur with Detroit and surrounding suburbs because white people did not want to mix. So if you look around Detroit maps, you will see many small municipalities. There was segregation, people did not want to work together and as a result city started losing population fast which led to decline and the abandoning of the city buildings. The City Hall now owns many of these buildings.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
Harmless has it correct - blacks are like a cancer to the USA. In any city you go to, the highest crime rates will be in the predominantly black areas. The area(s) in the cities that have the most abandoned buildings and graffiti will be the predominantly black areas. Any school that is integrated (especially the forced integration ones), the lowest average grade point averages will be held by blacks and the highest absentee rate will be among blacks. These are FACTS.
Whites do NOT want to be around blacks, so when blacks start moving into a neighborhood or city, the whites abandon it and move elsewhere. It used to be that white people would stand up to these incursions, but liberal politicians have mad that illegal - it's called 'discrimination' and 'a hate crime'.
Comedian Chris Rock even does a bit about this - he talks about shopping malls - there's the nice malls were white people shop, then there's the shitholes where blacks go that are known as the malls where white people USED to shop.
Call me a racist or a bigot, it doesn't matter - what I typed above are facts. Very sad, but true.
Groom 10 year s ago
There was no graffiti or vandalism back in the 60s, just people looking for opportunities. This happened because of the bigoted whites thinking they're superior.
killswitch 10 year s ago
the funny thing is that the neighborhoods did not become ganglands because black people moved there (they were usually working class like the original inhabitants, drug crimes were non-existent back in the 60s) but because the whites failed to integrate them. in the end racism is the root of the "facts" you base your racism on.

additionally, you have no solution for those problems. or do you really think that they will go away when whites can "stand up to these incursions"? incursions like being black and living next door ...

the only true solutions would be a far better public education system and youth support projects. but for them somebody would actually have to pay taxes. more than 13%.
taco 10 year s ago
Okay. This is actually pretty misleading.

Book Cadillac has been restored, and is actually a very nice hotel again.

Fort shelby was torn down almost 6 years ago.

National Theatre, and Adams theatre have both been in the works/restoration for a couple years.

The madison is the bottom story of the Broderick/Eaton tower, which is almost done being restored, they were first building a bar in the madison's location, but have since turned it into a store front area.

The Kales building was renovated almost 10 years ago.

Peoples outfitting was tore down to build a parking garage for the book/cadillac hotel, which I first mentioned in this post.

MCS, as it may still be empty, it has been used for 4 different movies, and has brought revenue to the city. Eyesore, maybe, but its still making the city money.

The grand army building was tore down to build the Rosa Parks bus depot and park, 6-7 years ago.

Fisher Body Plant 21, is now being used again, as a factory.

And Jefferson Baptist church is being used as a church again.

So all in all I believe that only two of the buildings in this whole posting have not been re purposed. How about we stop the perpetual lie that Detroit is such a terrible place? Or at the very least, do some research before posting about Detroits "abandoned" landmarks. As only 2 of these are still considered abandoned.
ALeach 10 year s ago
Good info. taco, thanks.
JOhn 10 year s ago
half of the Chicago is also empty like many other US cities. In 10 years this situation will be in all USA and USA will be an abandoned island in the world.
jpegger 10 year s ago
If unions continue to get their way, you are correct.
Penis 10 year s ago
Penis penis penis penis!!!!
That was more interesting than this shit...
Peanut 10 year s ago
Sorry Groom, but Harmless and Mr. Ree are correct. In Canada, we call it 'white flight'.

It isn't unreasonable for people sharing the same values, intelligence level, ethnic background and morals to want to live around their own kind. Face the truth. Blacks quite often are violent, will trash the area they live in, immediately bring down property values and lower the standards in schools. This is reality.

I'm honest, forthright, and fight for what I believe in, but I am NOT politically correct and never will be.
Mission 10 year s ago
It would be erroneous of me to say you are wrong Peanut. But there has to be a way to reverse this process. There is a tendency to list black this way and quite often they live up to the image. If you keep labeling someone a certain way then that is how they will act. However, the underlying causes aren't looked at either and no one seems to be interested in looking at fixing the problem other than through jails and more enforcement. If you look at the Southern American states. The situation is similar but with whites or also described as "rednecks" Same amount of violence, trashed houses and other things you describe. The resulting cause of this is poverty and a continuous circle where the youth are not provided with adequate amount of change.
Peanut 10 year s ago
I'll agree that blacks live up to a certain image, but it is an image they themselves created, not whites. Africa was a seething mass of warring tribes, the winners selling other blacks to white slave traders. They were violent over in their homeland, and they are still violent. They have to look into themselves, take responsibility for their actions, and make changes within their communities. Prove to us we are wrong.

The Irish were treated like trash when we first arrived on North American shores. We were considered the lowest of the low. Through hard work, dogged determination and self-education, we gradually gained respect and found our little corner. There was no affirmative action for any of us or any other immigrants at that time. We made no demands. Didn't continually whine about discrimination and being hard done by. It took a long time to prove we had worth, but we did it.

If anyone wants respect, earn it.
Intact 10 year s ago
I love how you justified slavery right there and shifted the blame of heinous crimes that the white committed to black's themselves. Oh and all shit afterwards as well.

I'm sorry did you forgot about the bit with the slavery and forced to work harder than and for no wages at all, not being able to self-educated or have the the will over their life and then when free not being allowed to go to the same schools, live in the same communities (which these pictures are about)? Compared to the slaves the Irish had it easy. "dogged determination and self-education" This bit was not quashed down for so called "Irish Americans" but really after your last comment you show you real head as nothing more than a bigot. There is nothing honest or forthright about you. You despicable piece of shit.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
Blacks are also the biggest blamers worldwide. They take no responsibility for any of their faults or wrong doings - they prefer to blame in on others, specifically white people.
Peanut nailed it with the history of the black race, yet they deny that violence is their heritage but still want to be referred to as: African Americans.
Here's a question: why didn't blacks evolve like whites and Asians? They were still discovering fire and living in grass huts (which some still do TODAY) when the white man showed up. The whites were so far advanced from the blacks is was like humans and apes. If blacks are equal to whites, why weren't they the ones sailing around gathering up sub-human slaves?
How come when you see some African relic in a museum, it looks like something that could have been made and used last week instead of 3000 years ago?
Undetectable 10 year s ago
If you read the post by harmless they moved to Detroit for a chance to work at companies that didn't discriminate. The white population there however was very much bigoted and racist. At least the Irish didn't suffer the skin discrimination.
bino 10 year s ago
got to love the usa. land of crackheads
Concern 10 year s ago
its cause they built shitty cars there....
Peanut 10 year s ago
Fact: blacks are responsible for selling their enemies to white slave traders. I'm sure if they knew of the problems this would bring about, they would have run the other way. What a different world it would be. By the way, slave is a derivative of Slav, which means slave. Whites were sold to Arab countries many centuries ago.

Fact: affirmative action has been in place for what, 50+ years, to insure blacks get a fair break in employment and university admissions, even if they are less qualified and less intelligent than a white person. Why are you complaining? You have plenty of opportunities.

Fact: Africans wanted the end to white rule in Africa, which is fully understandable. Unfortunately, war rules, poverty is overwhelming and all seems hopeless, at least at this point. And who do they turn to for aid? Why, the cracker population, of course. The same race they wanted rid of.

Wanting to live among people we feel comfortable with is the norm, not racist. Chinese people do it. They don't bother anyone. Why is it so wrong for us? Why do you insist on living in the same neighbourhoods? Most of you hate us.

You can call me a racist, despicable piece of shit, that's your prerogative. It doesn't change the truth.

So much for the comments. No more from me on this post.
Sister 10 year s ago
Fact: writing fact before a statement does not make it a fact! Provide evidence.
Trained 10 year s ago
Baltimore music that's all I know about ...
pj243 10 year s ago
trash is trash doesnt matter what color you are . But f the people that moved theres only goal was to work and have a life then why is the place now destroyed?
Abandoned Landmarks of Detroit