Mr. Ree 9 year s ago
So what? Is everyone else in the world supposed to feel bad or guilty about this? The Chinese, as a country, are slowly taking over the world. In 50 years, their standards of life *might* increase but in many other countries (like the USA) the standard of life is/will decrease.
Did China offer aid to the USA when we experienced disasters from floods and hurricanes? Do they offer aid to anyone that may need it?
No, they did not.

Fuck 'em, I say. If they want to live in 50 square foot apartments, good for them. If they don't, then they can do something about it themselves, starting with their government.

Once again, fuck 'em.

sidou 9 year s ago
hhh Mr . Ree i signed up just to salute you cause i really admire you for being in every debate here.. i'm from north africa and i know you :)
you're a star bro !!
gigantes 9 year s ago
The people are not the govt. I refuse to allow the actions of a govt to color the way i see the people, and I have no particular beef with Chinese people. I've met and worked with my share of them and never had any real problem with them.

As for the living conditions, humans adapt to what the situation is. There are better ways to live but there are also worse than what I'm seeing there.

Maybe the biggest problem and sympathy I have for the people of China is the way pollution is getting out of control, there. The govt only cares about economic production, not the mercury vapors and other toxic vapors that the people have to deal with in the industrial zones. It's getting out of control and more and more people are protesting, even at the risk of being abused, imprisoned or exterminated. For many it's either protest or watch the rest of your family get sick before your eyes...
jubyp0b 9 year s ago
Yet none of them seem to be disturbed by it; all the photos depict them having a normal or better time. They actually *seem*, more or less, happy.

Other than that, I'll be honest - it looks a tad romantic.
Elbereth 9 year s ago
My grandparents grew up in black houses. Even in their new home there wasn't any piped running water until I was 11, they had to go to the well . And woe to you if you got it from the wrong well ( they could tell). Also electricity didn't reach the village until I was 13/14ish. It was great fun in the summer when all the family arrived and we children were all packed in top to toe. So it really is a matter of perspective. I now look back on these days with great appreciation.
Peanut 9 year s ago
What is a 'black house', Elbereth. I've not heard that expression before.

China is well on its way to taking over North America, if no where else. British Columbia, a bastion of British standards, is overrun with Chinese and East Indians, neither of whom wish to live in each others neighbourhoods. A lot of whites have fled. They should have stood their ground.

Population control failed in China, although the government tried their best to put a halt to large families. Huge numbers of people = huge problems such as overcrowding, pollution, disease and filth. Canada and the U.S. will look like this in a few years.
JohnKonrad 9 year s ago
lol imaging you're on the computer enjoying porn or other shit stuff then behind you is someone taking a shit. The whole room now smell of shit haha :D
Cancamuso 9 year s ago
Ignorance is a blessing.

Chinese people "enjoy" living like this. Well, maybe not like this. They will save all the money they earn eating shit and living in cans to buy an iPhone 5 (and I'm not fucking kidding).

I live here and I've seen the same conditions in many houses. People without studies usually live like that.

Besides, you have to understand these places (unless we're talking about HongKong) are not their real homes. In China, the company rent an apartment for the workers (these kind of apartments). I live in a quite normal apartment in Tianjin in the 24th floor and I know there are 20 people living in the same kind of apartment on the 20th floor, all of them low level workers.

Again. They're used to this. They can bear it.

And if you go to HongKong, unless you have a lot of money or you are an expat, chances are you're going to live in a box like these.

So, no big deal here.
SuckaMC 9 year s ago
The "Conditions" seem quite decent to me... clean-ish... with laptops and cameras... The amount of space seems a bit cramped for my taste.... hell.. in New York they advertise that as a "Cosy" apartment.....
But if you are trying to say this is like some kind of poverty.. well.. come on... my dorm room was about the same...
How Do They All Fit In There?