gigantes 9 year s ago
so they've moved on from catapults to cannons?
Fenrisulven 9 year s ago
Inspired by Hamas, rockets will be next...
Never underestimate the power of large crowds, of stupid people.
Sarkazmo 9 year s ago
For fuck sake... just legalize the shit and be done with it! This is fucking stupid! By keeping it illegal you're only HELPING the drug cartels!
gigantes 9 year s ago
everyone with any sense knows it's stupid. it's the pharma and dupont industries that lobby huge amounts on one side, and masses of poorly-informed religious dumbasses on the other side that prevent reasonable laws from being passed.

it's the power of greed and ignorance at work in an age when govt makes huge amounts of money on far more harmful stuff, such as alcohol and tobacco.
Mr. Ree 9 year s ago
If the US government REALLY wanted to make a dent into the flow of drugs into this country (and not just weed), all they would have to do is conduct airstrike bombing raids on the plantations and factories making them. They know where they are coming from and whose making them, but it's more profitable (and keeps more Americans employed) to do things they way they are doing them. Plus, we couldn't handle countries like Mexico or Brazil declaring war on the USA - we'd never win against those powerhouses!

gigantes 9 year s ago
yea, there's a brilliant idea... start bombing swaths of foreign nations under the auspices of an anti-drug crusade. that'll work out real well for our economic and political interests around the world, as well as starting up new military actions to spend massive amounts of money on amidst us struggling every few months to keep our own govt barely in operation, fiscally. it's no wonder everyone around thinks of you as a major genius, mr. ree. well done.

Mexican drug smugglers were caught using pneumatic-powered cannons to fire 30 cans of marijuana over the wall between Mexico and Yuma, Arizona in the US.


A Strange Drug Smuggling Attempt