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People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself (9 pics + 19 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   23 Jan 2013   / 13246 views

The girl who wore angel wings to prom

And the guy who couldn't get enough of them.

The teammate who copped a really big feel

That's intimate.

These parents humiliating their adorable baby

This kid should watch an "It Gets Better" PSA.

And this other baby who doesn't know what a glass door is

The bowling champion

The illegally hot stud

The kid who hasn't heard of gravity

Same with Spider-Man

Use your web-shooters!

The guy dancing with a cat who gives zero fucks

Kitty is not impressed

The man playing with his magical wolf friend

The "Step Up 5" extra

Or the cheerleader who twerked too hard

The woman trying to cut bread with a doorstop

Great manicure, though!

This criminal

And his luscious locks.

Ryan Gosling's sexual prowess

It only bothers us that we're not there. :(

The man with a super-confident bar lean

Dat. Ass

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

This brave soul

Every person wearing white while eating ice cream

Or after Labor Day, for that matter.

The model wearing heels for the first time

And walking on butter, apparently.

The lady who fell in love with Ronald McDonald

...in a hopeless place

And the man who stole Ronald from her

The kid who just wants cereal

The trick is to lift then pour.

The guy with suspicious tan lines

Kim Kardashian's cry face

These two cool white guys

Stuck between a handshake and a fist bump.

The couple who used this as their wedding photo

And were able to find the world's largest Easter basket.

And the most unfortunate timing ever

The Edward and Jacob fanfic practically writes itself.

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worst post ever
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#13 is England trying to come up with new ways to cut their bread, due to knife bans.