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How to Solve Some of Your Biggest Problems (23 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle   28 May 2013   / 12686 views

Of course, then you actually have to clean the grater, which creates a whole other First World problem that you’ll have to just figure out on your own.

Make sure both the plate and the bowl are microwave-safe, and that the plate fits snugly over the bowl.

If that doesn’t work, try STOP + STOP + STOP + PLAY.

If your burger is falling apart, turn it upside down. The top bun is usually bigger and can support the ingredients better.

Never get out of bed to change the channel AGAIN. Now that’s “freedom.”

You can try this with tubes of mascara too.

BONUS: no glass to clean!

Comments (4):

Book__ 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#4 The better way is to put onions in the refrigerator (or outside if in a cold country). Cold onions don't make your eyes water.
gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#6, just put it back in the bag and stick a piece of tape on it to keep the bag closed. only thing-- you shouldn't be eating commercial microwaved popcorn in the first place. it's really bad for you.
LOL there are so many here that are questionable... #22 ok so you spent $3,000 on your camera and you keep losing the lens cap?....how about you ALWAYS put in the same pocket you have your wallet in?...I'd rather do that than have a LEGO glued to the cap to tell the rest of the camera nuts ..."Hey look at me, I'm a Loser"

#4 Really? chewing gum seriously? it's the fumes that effect the pH balance in our Eye fluid that causes this...a fan blowing down low and away from you will stop this...and I just made Onion Rings for 30 people yesterday (10 Lbs. of Vadalia's) ...no tears
fluke939 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
the brain freeze tongue thing, i tried that once, i was in agony for ages, the idea is your tongue is warm and warms your head up, problem was, my tongue was still cold from ice cream and just made things worse