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Heart-Warming Thoughts That Will Definitely Cheer You Up! (30 pics + 6 gifs + 2 videos)

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Just remember that this is what it looks like when a corgi goes down a slide:

Remember that it’s never too late to find true love:

And it’s never too late to try something new:

And remember that there’s a cat out there that’s always sitting like a dude:

Never forget that the two people who play Wendy and Peter Pan at Disney World got married in real life:

And if you need to smile just think of these two guys:

Or channel this little lamb for inspiration:

Or this dog who just achieved nirvana:

Just be glad that you’re not Scott:

And that you didn’t take part in this train wreck of a handshake:

And always keep this conversation close to your heart:

Just remember that you’ve won as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio:

And remember this picture of a shaved llama:

And this dog with a natural mustache:

Remember that this picture of little Justin Timberlake and little Ryan Gosling happened:

And never, ever forget the image of Kim Kardashian crying:

Just remember that somewhere out there Snoop Dogg’s long-lost brother is looking for him:

And this dog is probably becoming a better dancer than you:

And never forget how hard this video made you laugh:

Just remember that this is what it looks like when a banana slips on a person:

Keep in mind this picture of an old man and the kitten he just adopted:

And always keep in mind this happy duck:

And that somewhere, somehow, this man is best friends with a giant onion:

And this dog and goat are becoming best friends:

And so are this little kid and Spiderman:

Just remember this Mr. Rogers quote:

And keep in mind that sometimes people aren’t all that bad:

And that you’re not this hamster stuck in a slide:

And always remember that you never, ever have to go back to middle school:


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crispy 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#32 - Why that kind stranger was so nice to give $350 to the Government in taxes that will be taken out and another $30 to the credit card company to process the transaction...

What a tool.
PCSinWV 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
The taxes the stranger paid were included in the $60.00 total on the bill not on the tip also any charges for use of the credit card come from the amount collected by the business and are not in addition to the total paid by the card holder. If he/she is a tool you are a fool.
jawbreaker 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
no, crispy. the tool is you.
Mr. Ree 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
The back story is: the mother promised to sell the daughter into slavery if she could just get enough money to leave the country...