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26 Nov 2013


Bobby Martin was born on November 3, 1987 without legs and is a graduate of Colonel White High School in Dayton, Ohio. He played American football for his high school varsity team. He uses his arms to run. He is a redshirt freshman at Central State University.


Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
At least he doesn't have to worry about knee injuries...

srdavis37 6 year s ago
Inspiring, but bullshit on the part about playing in games. If he runs with his arms (which takes two), he would be a sitting duck with a ball in his hands.

And still, this is the internet. Just 'cause someone claims "it isn't photo-shopped" doesn't make it true.
gigantes 6 year s ago
it's not hard to look up on the net, srdavis37. youtube shows him making tackles in practice, not carrying the ball. he kind of uses his trunk as a third leg. it's impressive.

it looks like they let him play a bit in practice and it builds team spirit and inspires everyone to work though their difficulties. if he was playing significant time in real games he would undoubtedly be an international sensation.
Cancamuso 6 year s ago
This world is really fucked up if we need a person without legs to motivate ourselves...

The ones who can't motivate themselves without that, don't deserve to be in the team. It's that simple.

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