terrorfaggot 10 year s ago
You know, northern Europe was completely covered in ice once and then the climate changed like it has and always will. The global climate will never be stable. It used to be called global warming but since that has not happened - certainly not on the scale alarmists have predicted - it´s very convinient to simply call it 'climate change'.
BTW why is colder supposed to be better than warmer when the warmer regions of the planet are much more diverse and plentiful in wildlife?
User201 10 year s ago
So Seemingly Alaska becomes a better place to live? Great! I like it.
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
The world can blame me - I keep my thermostat at 73 degrees and drive a car that only gets 19 miles to the gallon...

DarkWolf 10 year s ago
I know I'm blaming you. I keep my thermostat at 68 and our cars get 30 and 48MPG respectively.

It's your fault, Ree.. Your fault.
Nextna 10 year s ago
"BTW why is colder supposed to be better than warmer when the warmer regions of the planet are much more diverse and plentiful in wildlife?"
"So Seemingly Alaska becomes a better place to live?"

You both skipped the Biology classes.
terrorfaggot 10 year s ago
I never skipped biology class. That is why I know for fact that there is greater biodiversity among flora & fauna along the equator and in the amazon than there is in the north or south pole regions. I also understand that CO2 is as essential to life as water and certainly not a pollutant that causes the atmosphere to heat up.
okwathne 10 year s ago
Jep, and The Norwegian Vikings were farming on Greenland, their burial sites has since been under permafrost, so it was warmer back then almost a thousand years ago...
Maximus 10 year s ago
nice Al Gore post izi.
LOLMASTER5000 10 year s ago
Since we don't have records that stretch back /too/ far, no one can say with absolute assuredness that the perceived climate "change", and increasingly chaotic weather patterns of late, are not part of a 'normal' global, cyclic meteorological behaviour.
gigantes 10 year s ago
haha... i used to be an 'alarmist,' but now i just say "bring it on."

that's because i reckon it far too late for civilisation to change significantly... mainly because people are just too comfortable with their lifestyles and expect others to do the sacrificing. not to mention, asking the average person to understand the science behind the issue is also an impossible proposition.

in the next few years we have around TWO last-ditch opportunities to save ourselves-- carbon sequestration and atmospheric engineering. so if you enjoy living in a semblance of the reality we enjoy right now, you better hope and pray the scientists and engineers can come up with something very quickly and it doesn't become a huge clusterfluff due to politics, logistics, economics, etc.

if that stuff doesn't work, we're simply toast. ...along with 90% or more of life on earth. well, too bad, if so. death comes for us all, either way. not to mention, an industrial planet burning itself up is probably one of the oldest stories in the cosmos, so i don't think for a moment that we're some special case, here.

humanity and life on earth... gotta just take the good with the bad and call it a day. :)
Mr. Ree 10 year s ago
Wow, I hope you don't really believe that bullshit, gigantes...


Patagonia Glacier, Chile, September 1986—August 2002

Animated GIFs Show the Reality of Climate Change over Time