Common Racial “Microaggressions” That Are Used Daily

10 Dec 2013

Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
So, answer the fucking questions!!

terrorfaggot 6 year s ago
Yeah,I know! Victimhood is just too comfortable.
Nextna 6 year s ago
#4 and #5 - that happens a loooooooooot when you blacks behave like whites.
Cancamuso 6 year s ago
What's the fun if they don't answer honestly? Just complaining make us want to hate them even more for being minorities. Not just minorities, but minorities who forgot where they belong to.

Then, if you don't feel like you belong in a minority, then shut the fuck up and live your life like everyone else.

FFS... I can't believe I agree with Dr. Dree in the first floor.
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
You're getting smarter, Cancamuso...

Cancamuso 6 year s ago
As long as I don't get more racist is ok with me. Or too smart. I rather be happy.

I don't know your whereabouts Ree, but if you really are as racist as you seem (rather than a troll) I can't do anything else but despise you. I want to make that clear.
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
...and here I thought you were getting smarter. I'm not a racist. I'm a bigot. There's a difference but you, like many idiots in this world, don't know the difference .

Cancamuso 6 year s ago
You are a bigot against some races (not yours). Hence a racist.

And a racist with the need of using fancy words to prove himself right. Hence middle low class. Hence a redneck.

I'm sorry to be the one to break it for you.

oh, wait... I'm not.
JISR 6 year s ago
Mostly of white U.S. people think they are a pure race of North America... assholes, they descent of a great variety of mixes, just like the most of the people in the american continent, the original race of north america is the native americans, so you whityes or better call "creamyes", you dont belong here too¡¡
Cancamuso 6 year s ago
Again, this is not about racism, this is about being a pussy. You don't see a grown person there.

Just because one person calls you García that doesn't mean your life is more difficult than mine, or the next guy's.

Through history, minorities have gone through a lot. I mean A LOT. And now you're going to bitch around because someone wants to know your origins? Is your English not good enough to explain that YOU ARE AMERICAN BUT YOUR GRANDPARENTS ARE FROM QINGDAO?

Fuck off...

And buy a Teddy Bear.
JISR 6 year s ago
I am with the minorities, because they make the difference trough the history, is the the people how makes differences and feel superior what botters me. I dont have problem when somebody want to know about me and my people, the problem is when they are racist, when they dont have respect for people how are different or come from another place.
I think everyone must respect everyone and english is not good, so if you want i speak you in spanish.
Fuck you, and have a nice day
About the teddy bear; i buyed already for you and Mr Ree

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