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Weird Things That Are Absolutely Real! (56 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   17 Jan 2014   / 20863 views

This magical wedding unicorn:

Algae Lamps:

This ‘Hogwarts’ School:

Cabbage Patch Wigs for Babies:

A Burrito Vending Machine:

The most interesting grocery list of all time:

These road names:

The Texting Mitt:

The Sheep Pig:

This ingenious invention:

Disney Princess Themed Lingerie:

Tug of War With Tigers:

Thick Mints:

This terrible wine for dummies:

This book:

Beer Pong the Arcade Game:

Breaking Bad Themed Bath Salts:

A Child-Sized Door at Dairy Queen:

The Scrotal Sac – a Bag That Looks Like Balls:

This Spike Vest Designed to Protect Your Personal Space on Trains:

The ‘Right to Bear Arms’ Shirt That Actually Lets You Have Bear Arms:

Cotton Candy Cannabis:

Coca-Cola Flavored Wine:

Grumpy Cat Branded Coffee:

These ‘No Place Like Home’ Shoes:

The Starbucks White Mocha Frap With Chocolate Pudding:

Super Creepy Hyper-Flesh Masks of Celebrities:

These My Little Pony Shoes:

A Canned Hamburger:

This Star Trek Street Intersection:

A LEGO Prosthetic Limb:

The ‘Puking Cat’ Gravy Boat:

Salvador Dali Melting Clock Latte:

A Boat Dress That Can be Used as a Floatation Device:

This Extremely Tiny Snake:

The Fanged Tufted Deer:

A Real-Life Replica of ‘The Homer’ Car Featured in The Simpsons:

This 12-Pack Ammo Holster for Beer:

The Graduation Cap Flask:

A Zip-Up Tie for the Stylish, But Lazy:

A DJ Kit for Cats:

A Wind-Up Chair That Charges Your Phone:

The Hands-Free Umbrella:

The Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich:

A Hamster Dunce Cap:

This Pillow Wig:

Meat-Flavored Ice Cream for Dogs:

A Children’s Book Written by Dennis Rodman:

The Literal Tramp Stamp:

A Frozen Aquarium:

These Terrifying Baby Masks:

A Crab With a 9-Foot Claw Span:

A Caterpillar That Looks Like a Wig:

Sushi Costumes for Cats:

“The Beerd” Beard Cozies:

A Disc Drive That Avoids Liquids:

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Is it me or does # 39 booze hat's mouth piece look like part of a tampon?
nefus 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
I could have used #56 in the 80s.